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  1. Box Servant Inventory
  2. Mushroom Field Scripts
  3. Zapping Dungeons of Doom items
  4. Stat Booster User.
  5. Inventory dumping into display case Rewritten!
  6. Mushroom Fields Automatically
  7. Display Case Command
  8. Softcore Ascension Preparation
  9. MuseumStockUp v1.0 (Updated)
  10. Dressing up your familiars
  11. Welcome back to the Kingdom of Loathing, Noob
  12. Sorceress preparation script
  13. Puttin' on the ritz! (aka dressing for optimal moxie)
  14. Puttin' on the jammies! (aka dressing for rollover)
  15. Re: Puttin' on the PJ's revisited.
  16. Lead Necklace Switch
  17. Oudated: Display case: putting 11 items at a time.
  18. 3rd gen mushrooms using 7.8
  19. MuseumStockUp v1.95
  20. Equip all familiars Script please?
  21. Propose a trade in a script...oh and sell me your sewer items!
  22. Meat Manager for the Paranoid
  23. Assembling the misshapen familiar
  24. trade response script Version 2, fixed and working.
  25. Alternate Trade Response Script
  26. misshapen animal skeleton Script
  27. Tattooing Script request
  28. trade accepting via a script
  29. Closeting Quest Items - ClosetQuest v0.8
  30. SellEquip v0.1
  31. Yet another ascension prepare script
  32. Build an NPZR
  33. Changing equipment in a between battle script. Is this possible?
  34. Modified mushroom script to produce 3rd +4th gen crop
  35. reading the class manual with breakfast
  36. Re: [CLI] Simple Scripts: Nemesis Prep
  37. Pulverise results
  38. Super Advanced Cocktailcrafting
  39. Pre-ascension chose what you want to have in Hangk script
  40. Send my items to collectors!
  41. Broken pulverize script.. Help me with a few commands?
  42. Bulk Kmailer(Preparation for Ronin/HC)
  43. Butterflies script needs meat-to-closet line.
  44. Equip best familiar, add more familiars.
  45. Outfit Changer, a casual ascension aid
  46. Clueless newbie needs help looting the island...
  47. Best farming outfit script.
  48. Choosing your chips from the Rumpus room
  49. Battlefield Item turn in
  50. Choose Best Familiar Script
  51. Spooky Surprise Eggs
  52. tiny plastic series 2: buying, DCing, stashing, sending
  53. Bad Moon lucre checker
  54. Advent calender user.
  55. Maximize.ash, maximize equipment in one command.
  56. Libram of Divine Favors caster
  57. Clothing checkpoint/restore
  58. Inventory cleanup script - in progress, help needed. (cleanup.ash)
  59. Help with script!
  60. is this possible
  61. Is it shield?
  62. Super outfits... save an outfit correctly.
  63. Inventory Cleanup Script
  64. Display Case Management?
  65. Sending meat to people
  66. Script to summon Daily Noodles, reagents, coctail items,...
  67. Problems with stash.
  68. Using an item on somebody
  69. Created "is_ingredient" and "part_of_recipe" utility functions
  70. Help on scripting Nash Crosby's Still
  71. Breakfast Script needs tweaking help.
  72. The Undiscovered Craftery
  73. melt.ash (multiform IotM)
  74. Snowcone summoning
  75. is this possible?
  76. Summon Stickers and Snowcones
  77. Summon Party Favor and/or Candy Hearts between battles.
  78. MMG Martingale script
  79. Request with a reward!
  80. Script to mallsell/autocut hardcore-unuseable items?
  81. Is there a script that...
  82. simplifying script
  83. I'm needing a script that searches the mall, gets the price and writes to a txt file
  84. OCD Inventory control
  85. Item List Script?
  86. is there an "all but 1" command for cli scripting?
  87. do i have to take off breakfest
  88. NPC store item price
  89. Request of bot script with a reward :D
  90. Fleemarket
  91. is there a "mallsell <allRecentItems" ?
  92. Request for a script for giveaways
  93. Rainbow Gravitation made easy
  94. Equipt - an item selection tool
  95. Display Collection Management script?
  96. Tune Rollover EQ to moons?
  97. Request for Help - Sell Page "Autosell" Colorizer
  98. Is there a more specific mallbuy thing?
  99. MrEdge73's Item Handling Script Suite!
  100. Discoveries.ash
  101. Pulverizer Helper?
  102. Request of Specific Bots
  103. Scripting tutorial(s)
  104. I need yet another bot - reward will be given
  105. Script Request!
  106. Grimace levels
  107. Ask Grandpa
  108. Marble Collector
  109. Stat Item User
  110. Tiny plastic accumulator
  111. Veracity's MMG scripts
  112. Hobopolis Sewer test Items handling script
  113. How do I execute a command line in a script? (feeding a slimeling)
  114. Well, has nobody thought of this yet???
  115. Autoselling from within store
  116. End of Day MallSelling Problem
  117. trigger relay browser reminder when stat hits a certain level
  118. Can you designate a store to sell through in ASH?
  119. Spendiest items in the game - bestthings.ash
  120. Scripting the birth of a new life.
  121. Eat Sushi
  122. Buying raffle tickets?
  123. AR......Script request
  124. A little help making a logout script.
  125. Place everything in DC Question
  126. GambleBot!
  127. AR scripts!
  128. PriceAdvisor: Maximize your profits
  129. Inventory Script Request
  130. Profit from Effects
  131. Stinky Cheese IOTM Handling
  132. TwinklyGiveaway - Script Request
  133. Get the most out of your bookshelf at logout
  134. AcquireTape for faster duct tape gathering
  135. Bulk Item Sending Help:Request for a Script
  136. Nash Crosby's Still automator
  137. Can't seem to use my Libram properly?
  138. int buy( int quantity, item it, int price_limit ) usage
  139. Hobo drops-(Request)
  140. Pre-Hobo Boss Item Buffs (Alpha)
  141. Script Request for MMG...
  142. Script Request for Mass-Use of Toilet Paper
  143. Barrel full of Barrels autodrinker
  144. Pulling outfits from Hagnks
  145. Function to find the cheapest price on the mall
  146. Breakable equipment fine tuning
  147. Script request for welcome packages
  148. Request: Foldables and Squishables Window/Tab
  149. Request for a slime potion creation script
  150. Script Request: Make Recordings
  151. Island Breakfast Request
  152. libramBurn: Summon libram items to burn MP between battles, for profit!
  153. "how many of <item> exist" function?
  154. waiting for a buffbot?
  155. Mall Price Checking Bot
  156. Sending item with "to" in its name.
  157. Script request: Sending all the junk you accumulated in a run to a mall multi
  158. Script request: Display brewery info
  159. Trade-off script request
  160. bogroll.ash - green screen hate for the masses
  161. Discard script
  162. BuildAMishappenedSkeleton.ash
  163. Kbay Script! Send all your uneeded items to him
  164. Autopilot Kbay
  165. TrueMall: Using true, real, actual, dynamic mall pricing in KoLmafia scripts.
  166. safePull.ash - protecting you from yourself
  167. item lists from text files?
  168. Before you sell
  169. Superhuman Cocktailcrafting script
  170. Autosell?
  171. Mass puchasing Script Request
  172. Display case script?
  173. Buying from the BHH
  174. Price of an item in my own mall shop
  175. Requesting mall script
  176. Price tracking script
  177. My first script: Maxadv.ash
  178. outfit Gatherer.
  179. Stabonic Scroll
  180. Commission-Paid Script Job
  181. Mall script
  182. Uncle Hobo loot info thread
  183. faxdump
  184. Semirare Advisor - Proof of concept
  185. Item Desc overhaul and OCD Inv helper
  186. Best sushi for profit
  187. Away message & auto-bricking.
  188. Request (with reward!) - Item Distribution script
  189. Tower Helper - info utility / wrapper for mafia's tower automation
  190. help with my drinking script
  191. Gain Store Credit @ Ye Wizard's Shack Game Shoppe
  192. Auto-absinthe
  193. Breakfast not checkking hippy stand
  194. Request: Auto-explode -in-the-box
  195. purchase the cheapest of a set of items
  196. Request: Clan Stash Cleaner
  197. A script to automatically sell starter equipment
  198. Mall Buying And consuming Script
  199. Ash Propose Trade
  200. Eat without milk of magnesium bypass
  201. Pre-Ascension Buying Script
  202. ZapWizard - Automatically zaps for mall profit
  203. Request: Use skill bugs in Form of...Bird!
  204. request: d12 script
  205. Inventory Processing Suite
  206. Relearn all used skillbooks
  207. Clip_Art
  208. bumCrimbo11.ash - Send one of each present to somebody!
  209. Crimbo Credits per Candy
  210. GiftBot
  211. Anything for the Frat Blueprints?
  212. Mall script to find below market prices on items
  213. myLittleConsumer.ash - An Unwanted Alternative to EatDrink.ash
  214. ManageAlice - more than you ever wanted to know about Alice Items
  215. mall_autosell: autosell "junk" items from your store
  216. request : auto s'more flinger
  217. auto_mushroom: the perfect mushroom-growing script
  218. ManageBrickos - Identify opportunities for unused BRICKOS
  219. ManageStore and CFStat - Weed out your store
  220. Multi-training Boris Skills
  221. Booze Buyer
  222. Request: Details inside
  223. Save items from pvp theft
  224. Winning the verbosity mini
  225. Consumption History
  226. 600 - 700 ADV diet!! T
  227. Lure Minions
  228. Auto PvP Mystery Mini Mall Stocker
  229. Don_afterAdventureScript
  230. Superhuman Cocktailcrafting maximizer
  231. Display Shelver and Unshelver
  232. Thingamabobs and Ingots
  233. bumBuddy.ash - A script to help automate your ChibiBuddy!
  234. ChibiParent
  235. GameInform Script Request
  236. Carriageman Feeder
  237. drinkKOLHSBooze.ash: Automagically drink KOLHS 1-drunk booze when acquired
  238. LootBot -- A dungeon loot auto-seller (is you)
  239. Campground caster - makes all your LP-ROM recordings for you
  240. Script Request - Giving back to the community
  241. Script Request: Stocking the Hot Dog Stand
  242. Slimecalc -- Efficient Slimetubing
  243. [Request] A script that checks if an item out of stock in your mall shop.
  244. EoD SC Ascension Checklist Handler
  245. Strange cube demon name script
  246. Re-learn jewelry recipes
  247. Another script to relearn jewelry recipes
  248. barrelSmash -- Smashes all of the Barrel God's barrels
  249. -Request- Breakfast functionality/collecting "free" items
  250. Avatar changing items