EoD SC Ascension Checklist Handler


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Hello! I'd like to present my Ascension Checklist script. You can input items into a Relay Script and it will save the info and then you can buy them from the acquire page. Once you are in run, you can use the "EoDAscensionChecklistPuller" to pull the items out of storage based on what you set in the Relay Script. If you have any problems with it or would like to suggest features, please post here.

To Use:
1. Copy/Paste the following code into KoLMafia CLI.
 svn checkout https://svn.code.sf.net/p/eodascensionchecklist/code/
2. Click on "Load in Web Browser" and then in the top right of your web browser should be a selector with "run script". Select "EoDAscensionChecklist"
3. More information can be found in the info tab of the Relay Script.

Stores all your Ascension Items into an easy to view relay script, based on on a variety of factors (path/class/astral item/etc)
Lets you purchase all the items based on the factors mention above
Lets you build and buy from a customized common list pool (currently contains tower items and common quest items)
Alerts you if try to add Type69 items to current challenge path
Gives general stat information based on the items currently listed for the day
Lets you pull the items in run based on what you are running as and what you imputed into the relay script

Relay Script:

Special Thanks To:
Bale for letting me use his OCD Relay template, styles, etc and for answering my numerous questions on the topic
JasonHarper for his helpful htmlform.ash
Everyone who has answered my questions throughout the forum
The wonderful dev team of KoLMafia
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How does the following entry for the Script Manager look to you?

  "repo": "https://svn.code.sf.net/p/eodascensionchecklist/code/", 
  "author": "Eliteofdelete", 
  "name": "Ascension Checklist Handler", 
  "forumThread": "http://kolmafia.us/showthread.php?17230-EoD-SC-Ascension-Checklist-Handler", 
  "shortDesc": "Helps with daily pulls", 
  "category": "information", 
  "longDesc": "This stores all your ascension relevant items into an easy to view relay script, based on on a variety of factors such as path, class and astral items. It helps you build a pull lists based on the factors that matter to you. It will even alert you to type69 status if your path is current. Finally, it will help you to buy and pull items in run based on your decisions."

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As a Softcore runner, i love using this script. Just the fact that i never have to worry about forgetting to pull items ever again.
Though i am wondering, is there a way to include free pulls on top of the max pulls using this script?


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I am glad to hear at least one other person found it useful! :D

Implementing free pulls should be possible. I would first have to brush up what counts as a free pull and determine how to best handle them. I may look into it this week.


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Are you looking for it to display the free pulls or actually pull them? If pulling them, would pulling all your available free pulls suffice or would you like to pull only the specific ones you set in the Relay Browser? It would be pretty trivial to pull all the free pulls available to you, but I don't know if you'd want that.

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I Have a couple of free pull items that i like to pull every ascension. If a selective option to pull all free pulls alongside the script, i could easily live with that. But a relay selection would be very neat indeed. It is entirely up to you. I Would be appreciative either way :)


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The kolmafia script description says "[the script] will help you to buy and pull items in run based on your decisions". Is that an automatic thing? If it is, can I prevent it from pulling and buying without asking permission?


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Small update to fix the regex for the paths. They should now show up correctly. Sorry if this messes up anyones current item lists.

@awesomeperson: No it is not completely automatic. When you run the EoDAscensionChecklistPuller script, it will ask you a series of questions about what day and what spleen item you are using. Depending on your answers, it will then pull those items from that saved list.