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NewLife2 is a fork of @Bale's newLife.

What is this?​

Whenever you ascend in Kingdom of Loathing, you need to perform a variety of common tasks. You will also want to reconfigure KoLmafia to pick the best choice for your class and path in various non-combat adventures. Doing this every ascension can become tedious.

NewLife2 automates these tasks for you. It does:
  • Perform various post-ascension tasks, such as visiting the Toot Oriole
  • Prepare your inventory, such as unpacking astral consumables, taking free pull items from Hagnk's, etc.
  • Pick "optimal" choices for various choice adventures
  • Optimize KoLmafia's auto-recovery settings for your class and path
  • If you have enough skill points to learn all skills in an Avatar path, unlock them all immediately
...and more!


To install NewLife2, enter the following in the KoLmafia gCLI:
svn checkout

To make KoLmafia automatically run NewLife2 upon ascension, enter:
set postAscensionScript = newlife2.ash

When you are done, you can remove Bale's newLife:
(Note: If you have multiple KoL accounts, check if none of them are using newLife before doing this!)
svn delete bale-new-life


NewLife supports configuration via ZLib variables. Check out the list of available settings here.

Support & Contributing​

Your ideas and contributions are welcome!
  • NewLife2 currently lives in the LASS GitHub repository, so anyone with a GitHub account can raise issues or submit pull requests.
    Since my RL time is limited, I'm always looking for new contributors.
  • Alternatively, you can report problems and suggest changes in this thread.