muffin - a monorail breakfast counter helper

I wrote up a script that will order or collect a muffin for you. The monorail breakfast counter is annoying to navigate, but I've got you covered!

You can find the project at

A muffin-management script for Kingdom of Loathing - for use with KoLmafia

Copy and paste this into KoLmafia's GCLI to install:
git checkout

This script will go to the monorail breakfast counter to order and pick up muffins for you. It requires that you own an [earthenware muffin tin].

Usage (from "muffin help"):
muffin - help | status | collect | [order] blue|choc|bran - manage muffins from the monorail breakfast counter
accepts the following aliases for each muffin type:
blueberry muffin, blue, blueberry, 1, meat, hp
chocolate chip muffin, choc, chocolate, chocolate chip, 2, both
bran muffin, bran, 3, items, mp
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I've updated to the kolmafia's new "git checkout". The old "svn checkout" will no longer work.

If you're updating via "svn update" and it gives you an error, run
svn delete muffin
followed by the new git checkout string posted above.


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This script used to work fine, but now I get
Function 'join_strings(string [int], string)' overrides a library function. (muffin.ash, line 8, char 8 to char 51)
when running muffin.


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r27371 added join_strings(string[0],string) last month.
> ashref join_strings

string join_strings( string [0] )
string join_strings( string [0], string ), which matches the function definition on line 8.
It's likely that you can comment out lines 8-17 (the join_strings function from the script) and everything will work, because the function doesn't have any complex logic, but if you're not comfortable trying that, you should get @SketchySolid to update the code.