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Inviting comments on the layout. I'm thinking:

1) Done like that, split by area. I'll probably change the areas a bit, but that's pretty much the gist.
2) Literally every available monster in an alphabetical list.
3) Organised as split between none/slight/some/fully researched.
4) ???

Obviously, I'm working off a pro-forma list. The obsolete monsters will be removed either way, from all versions of the page.


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Split by area, but organize the areas by accessibility.
First, the standard areas accessible in every non-challenge path run, grouped by map location (forest areas, plains, etc).
Then, the challenge path areas (bug bear mothership), grouped by the path name they're found in.
Next the Mr Store areas (agua areas, elf space), grouped by.. er... uhm... well, could either be the unlocking item (Agua) or familiar (Sandworm).
And finally the time limited holiday areas that are likely you'll never get data on. I'd actually say hide these unless somebody gets data, faxing or whatever.

Yeah, a ton of work to categorize, I know. I feel unreasonable even making the suggestion...


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I read the last page or two and didn't see this so I thought I'd throw it in...

I like collecting stuff and one of my favorite things is seeing boxes get filled in on my bcc page as I get trophies, do 100% familiar runs, etc. Would it be possible to have color coded boxes/table for monsters? Like how consumption/discoveries are either red or green depending on if you've gotten it yet. I was thinking along the lines of white for never researched, red for one research, yellow for two, and green for exhaustive research.


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Thanks for working on adding Manuel entries to what is already an awesome collector's summary :)

What would you think about making the areas into collapsible DIVs, with the area names showing collected/possible factoids? Just to help people zero in on which areas are in most need of research.

Within an area, I tend to agree with bc_goldman that having monsters listed in a 3 or 4 column table format, cell backgrounds color-coded to match the # of facts collected (white-red-yellow-green?), would be ideal.

Looking forward to seeing this happen!


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I'm just holding somewhat back on the manuel entries on the website until I can square the circle of the problem with monsters that have the same name and image as others.

Though with that said, both those display methods are on the cards.


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Can you use the text of the factoid that's there? (if you have somehing in manuel, you got one factoid ... problem is, it's not always the first factoid on the list ... I distinctly remember for one monster getting the middle factoid first, then the upper, then the last)


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That would mean I have a secret so terrible I am (successfully) hiding it even from myself.


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Within an area, I tend to agree with bc_goldman that having monsters listed in a 3 or 4 column table format, cell backgrounds color-coded to match the # of facts collected (white-red-yellow-green?), would be ideal.

There's already a 5-color scale for the familiar table (white/tan/light green/purple/dark green). I'd like to suggest using 4 of those colors for 0/1/2/3 factoids collected.


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http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/Snakefire_in_the_grassfire does not have Manuel entries (or display HP/etc after killing one), and I would assume the other monsters from that event don't have entries either until proven otherwise.

Servant of lord Flamface doesn't either. When I filed a bug report about it, this is what I got:

> 1> Servant of Lord Flameface doesn't have entries

(1) Is probably not going to change (though anything's possible)

Oh well. I'll mention it on the show.


Aside from the manuel compatibility, are there plans to add all the missing stuff from the past few months? IotMs, outfits, familiars, etc are falling a bit behind :p


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I'm sad to see that the incomplete sections were removed. I'd rather see them stay in a state of perpetual incompleteness than be removed altogether. :(


I'd hope that someone would come up with a script for them, if they haven't already.

Personally I prefer stuff to be up to date or gone, and as someone who went through something similar, salute BCC for the wisdom to cut down rather than cut off entirely.


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I have decided to keep discoveries on the website, but to reduce the rate of additions to them. I'm going to update discoveries quarterly and quarterly only, while attempting to update other sections "as items arise".

On other news, I have finished manuel checking and will spin a new version now.


Thank you very much for the latest update!

Unfortunately version 2.5 checked manuel and it's missing a few of my factoids. LINKY! Specifically:

Post-War Junkyard

0 - A.M.C. Gremlin
3 - Batwinged Gremlin
3 - Erudite Gremlin
3 - Spider Gremlin
3 - Vegetable Gremlin

Checking my manual, I did not manage to miss all the A.M.C Gremlins. I've got three factoids for them.

Bugbear Pens

0 - An Angry Bugbear
0 - An Annoying Spooky Gravy Fairy
0 - A Bugged Bugbear
3 - Mad Bugbears
0 - A Revolting Bugbear
0 - A Revolving Bugbear

I've got three factoids for all of those.

To summarize the rest of the other such problems:
  • 0 - Me4t BegZ0r
  • 0 - Knob Goblin Poseur
  • 0 - Roller-skating Muse
  • 0 - Angry Piñata
  • 0 - The Boss Bat
  • 0 - Tiger-Lily
  • 0 - An Usher
  • 0 - PR Imp
  • 0 - The Black Knight
  • 0 - Flock of Stab-Bats
  • 0 - The Master of Ceremonies
  • 0 - Cobb's Knob Oven
  • 0 - Crusty Hippy Vegan Chef
  • 0 - Dirty Hippy Vegan Chef
  • 0 - Filthy Hippy Vegan Chef
  • 0 - L Imp
  • 0 - eXtreme Cross-Country Hippy
  • 0 - eXtreme Orcish Snowboarder
  • 0 - G Imp
  • 0 - Some Zombie Waltzers
  • 0 - Frat Warrior Drill Sergeant
  • 0 - One-Eyed Gnoll
  • 0 - P Imp
  • 0 - W Imp
  • 0 - Sleeping Knob Goblin Guard
  • 0 - Off-Duty Knob Goblin Elite Guard
  • 0 - Swarm of Knob Lice
  • 0 - Uppercase Q
  • 0 - Mimic (Bottom 2 Rows)
  • 0 - Mimic (Middle 2 Rows)
  • 0 - Mimic (Top 2 Rows)
  • 0 - Ninja Snowman (Chopsticks)
  • 0 - Ninja Snowman (Hilt/Mask)
  • 0 - The Astronomer
  • 0 - The Burrowing Bishop
  • 0 - The Family Jewels
  • 0 - The Hooded Warrior
  • 0 - The Junk
  • 0 - The Pork Sword
  • 0 - The Skinflute
  • 0 - The Trouser Snake
  • 0 - The Twig and Berries
  • 0 - Orcish Frat Boy (Music Lover)
  • 0 - Orcish Frat Boy (Paddler)
  • 0 - Orcish Frat Boy (Pledge)
  • 0 - The Bonerdagon
  • 0 - The Knob Goblin King
  • 0 - The Queen Filthworm
  • 0 - War Hippy (Space) Cadet
  • 0 - War Hippy Drill Sergeant

I don't have three factoids for all of the above, but I do have at least 1 so I know they're not being recognized.
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Tourguide and 100% familiar run annotation seem to be broken in version 2.5. I have the Pro-tourguide trophy and have done several 100% runs on one of my chars, but none of the familiars are marked.

Thanks for the update and your decision to keep the discoveries sections active. I appreciate all the time, effort, and resources you expend providing this service for the kingdom.