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  1. Mafia returning odd errors
  2. Chatlaunch.ash
  3. How to set rave combo?
  4. Is there a way to call a script when adventure left is 10 or 0?
  5. "contains" doesn't seem to work the way I thought it worked
  6. Can mafia tell me how many turns I spent in combat in an ascension?
  7. Moods, auto recovery, and automation
  8. Cold Blooded Warm Fuzzies
  9. Which items are color-coded in the main interface (and why)?
  10. Set a drink in Hangk's to 'memento' status so it's not suggested on the booze page?
  11. Use x item x times?
  12. Help with chat error
  13. How do I autosave my new password?
  14. is there a way to see what a function within zlib returns?
  15. Who collects what?
  16. Why does KOL Mafia beep at me every session?
  17. Consult script for setting properties
  18. Turn Banking
  19. Suggestion: Warn when adventuring without a familiar
  20. how to handle mood when chorale or thingfinder run out
  21. Automatically buys 30 items at a time from the mall when auto-mallbuy is on?Woe is me
  22. Untabbed chat?
  23. Can I automate using Sorority Guides without scripting?
  24. 2 quick how-tos, fist trophy relevant
  25. Java Problems
  26. chatbotScript and logic flow
  27. KoLmafia closes at start up?
  28. Session Logs
  29. Problem with r9929?
  30. Any Chance Of A New .EXE Please?
  31. Summon prismatic wads in breakfast options?
  32. New KoL-Server configuration
  33. Uploading images to KoLMafia.us don't seem to work
  34. Wierd things going on in my gCLI.. Bug, I think?
  35. Set up a Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" machine for working with KoLmafia development
  36. Best way to use HH guides en masse to make shotgun shells?
  37. Help with setting up a mood for casting buffs after every adv.
  38. Proxy record clarification
  39. Possible improvement to the maximizer?
  40. Help? Store management
  41. Help2 - parsing logs
  42. Proxy Problems
  43. Mafia Progress Bar says 0% and gear changer button doesn't work
  44. Involuntary Logouts--request for debugging suggestions
  45. Problem with chat “name click shows mall store” Build r9997 Mac OS 10.7
  46. So, we're getting awfully close to r10000. How will the updater tools fare?
  47. Getting the latest daily build
  48. Valhala Scripting
  49. how are people handling clip art summoning
  50. Help with "buy" or "acquire" for raffle tickets
  51. Kol mafia and java jdk
  52. storage meat
  53. And then I bork Mafia
  54. AC adv/drunk?
  55. KoL Mafia Simply Disappears
  56. Relay browser not loading
  57. What happened to the "action" and "special" fields in the new builds?
  58. embedding Jython
  59. Supressing newline in an echo?
  60. CLI to ASH, am I doing it right?
  61. Crimbo Love 2011
  62. Java 64-bit and Kolmafia
  63. new items in the manager
  64. Text Highlight Color
  65. Not getting password mailed to me
  66. Automatic Script Updating... Discuss!
  67. Access relay browser from remote device?
  68. Predicting Boots Release
  69. Forthcoming 14.9
  70. Missing stuff using a Mac
  71. Something's wrong, no idea what...
  72. HALP! Mafia isn't working on my computer anymore.
  73. Scripted ascending
  74. Mafia not working
  75. Going on vacation, need help.
  76. Numeric Modifier, and MP Regenerating Familiars
  77. Mafia seems to have become a resource hog for me
  78. Relay browser issues?
  79. Scripts and relay browser in linux?
  80. Recovering KoL password from mafia?
  81. Trimming the builds list
  82. Entering more adventures than available
  83. Deactivating the relay-browser option for ultra rares.
  84. Quests: Leaflet (No Stats) ?
  85. Complain to Jick script error
  86. Empty center frame.
  87. Drop Down Required Item Permanent Add
  88. Selecting Weapon Type in the Modifier Maximizer
  89. Should I bother with a bug report in extreme cases?
  90. Spooky Forest goals
  91. Between battle actions failed. Click the image if you'd like to continue anyway.
  92. Relay Script Complications
  93. Mafia automatically trying to open the guild at login
  94. Is there a command to see what your last semirare was?
  95. Hedge Maze Goal
  96. More Favorites question
  97. have_familiar()
  98. allowSocketTimeout
  99. Any Mac users out there? Having startup problems
  100. using the graphical cli for drinking booze...
  101. api .php, intrinsic effects and familiar_wellfed
  102. Mall search using only favorites
  103. Conditional Goal, possible?
  104. Does this mean I can run mafia on my android phone?
  105. Anti-mafia whining on G-D
  106. stale combat information reappearing
  107. Chat highlighting...
  108. Sorority House
  109. Calling all KoLmafia developers: request for comments
  110. my development environment
  111. Did I mess up my Mafia install? Or, how do I fix this, please?
  112. Grue egg omelete
  113. IOException for zachbardon and Map Manager error for use_for_items.txt
  114. Alice's card sleeve.
  115. unusual login messages
  116. KoLMafia on iPhone..
  117. Happy Medium drinks via Consult Script
  118. Logging in a Bot
  119. Unusual Mafia timeouts
  120. acquire doesn't get hermit items?
  121. Scripting failure
  122. Latest SVN Changes forum section not updating
  123. Has someone made a Mafia script to test creation possibilities?
  124. Mac Kolmafia Data location
  125. How do I stop autousing items?
  126. building kolMafia
  127. java update killed me!
  128. Speeding up mafia and the relay browser
  129. What do I do about the new temple quest?
  130. Anyone help me with BCC snapshot?
  131. Mafia Script Tab Manager
  132. Thank You Mafia Devs
  133. Mafia running 120352 kb.... lag city
  134. New forum time system
  135. Garden Banished Counter--too many stops!
  136. vbullitin has a mobile version
  137. Problem updating from r11020 to r1130
  138. Looking for help making a script for wadbotting castle items.
  139. Bug or Feature - Creation and numbers
  140. KoLmafia relay browser on Android
  141. Spending Adventures Crafting
  142. KoLmafia issues with JDK 7 on OS X (prerelease)
  143. sourceforge not attributing commits?
  144. Problem: MAFIA only works when run as ADMIN. or A Return to Noobville.
  145. New CLI command: consumed
  146. CCS help
  147. Please help me make my first custom combat "script" :)
  148. Is there a way...
  149. eclipse setup, tricks, etc
  150. What is removing sleepy?
  151. Did the new KoL servers kill mafia?
  152. Looking to condense a script a little.
  153. a couple of pvp-related questions
  154. patch to improve focus handling of the tabbed chat
  155. How do I make the maximizer equip the SS sword/bow?
  156. how do i remove cached search results
  157. Any quick ways to get rid of constant bulk items?
  158. How do I get the script to ask me for an input?
  159. Mafia won't auto-reprice.
  160. Script Request--Grand Tour
  161. Slow forum?
  162. KoL Maria
  163. How do you prevent Saucecrafing
  164. How to farm distension pills and synthetic dog hair pills?
  165. I need help troubleshooting a script
  166. Clearing moods?
  167. Choice Adventure Automatic Setups
  168. Clan Management broken after R11205?!
  169. Commissioning scripts
  170. Mafia hangs at "Examining equipment in closet"
  171. Debug log created during automatic farming
  172. Why is my Hellion animated?
  173. Custom combat script help
  174. Logout strangeness
  175. Outfits and slots
  176. HUGE issue with mafia (icon is gone)
  177. Weird issue with daily builds and the Kolmafia home folder.
  178. Kol Data Sources
  179. Updating JAR and EXE?
  180. Has maximize-min changed?
  181. Spoilers missing?
  182. CLI multiuse command?
  183. Bugbear monsters?
  184. Way to use all "retrieved" items? Or do I have to hard-code each line?
  185. Type Safety / Generics
  186. Mafia Chat: Event Notifications
  187. Choice adventure information no longer showing
  188. No good spot for this but.... diablo 3
  189. Script help
  190. Confused as to why KoLmafia 15.5 won't autocreate 64735 scroll
  191. KolMafia won't load main interface after logging in
  192. KoLmafia code formatting rules file for Eclipse request
  193. outfit functions returning true when they should not
  194. Is Mafia overly sensitive to the "Enter"-key?
  195. closet "no-trade" filter
  196. Error message in multiple versions of Kolmafia
  197. Quick question re: load_html
  198. Problems with Breakables Un equipping.
  199. CLI commands with multiple parameters
  200. Does Mafia ignore advertising? Should it?
  201. Garden Support
  202. Bounty Corks in SW... Why?
  203. autobasement, wham and coldform etc...
  204. Mafia gets stuck whilst logging in
  205. Mafia keeps adventuring when beaten up.
  206. non-combat assistance missing and paper strips
  207. Webhost infected?
  208. After-combat Item Handling?
  209. Chat Issues
  210. Manual mana burning invocation
  211. Mafia and Ultrarares
  212. Simplified basement mimic farming script
  213. Devices for mobile Mafia?
  214. Mana burning during ASH adventuring, clip art summoning
  215. Sending a kmail with the CLI
  216. Problems with the diff link in latest SVN update posts.
  217. Grimoire Automation
  218. mafia "fighting" on multiple PCs
  219. Calling functions
  220. No MP Restoratives in Combat
  221. KoLmafia Veterans: A Java 7 Proposal
  222. Display Case Commands
  223. PVP Messages: any way to change them?
  224. Formatted float output
  225. will there be ChibiBuddy automation in mafia, or will there be a script made?
  226. Problem with maximizer and locations
  227. How to clean state when a script freezes?
  228. Aborting during prePVPScrtip
  229. Price data for Staff of Queso Escusado
  230. CLI "goal" command
  231. Help with CCS
  232. Question about Reflection of a Map (sorta)
  233. A way to check for +elemental damage?
  234. Using the right amount of potions, based on current adventures
  235. Equipping new sugar shield when it breaks
  236. any way to put "if mp 100%, use X skill Y times" in the mood?
  237. Command Line Options
  238. Help with Basement automation
  239. Trouble identifying a fax monster
  240. How to fix maximize doing weird stuff
  241. Daily variable change during a while loop?
  242. Autoadventure drop-down goals
  243. Unable to rest at campground to remove beaten up
  244. Maximizer 'defaults'
  245. Boss Bat MCD Nag Screen
  246. No still uses remaining (Nash Crosby)
  247. Determine if/which holiday it is
  248. Post Prism Script
  249. Questions about the Snow Suit
  250. Combat macros in custom combat script...