Lights Out in Spookyraven Manor choice adv options for floors other than first?

Currently, in the choice adventures tab, the Lights Out option only shows up if you're adventuring in a zone on the first floor. What isn't clear here is whether this one option applies to all four floors (including the basement) in the manor or not. I assume it does, since that seems like a pretty major oversight if it doesn't already, and the people who work on this are generally extremely competent. But it's definitely not as clear as it could be.

It's also something of an inconvenience if you want to change the option, as you have to find a first floor zone in the zone window and select it. Furthermore, I can imagine a scenario where someone might want to have a Lights Out adventure skipped on one floor, and shown in the browser for another (I didn't say it was a hugely likely scenario). Why not just add a Lights Out option to the Choice Advs tab for all four zones, each of which could be toggled independently? It seems to me like that would fix everything.

Barring that suggestion, I'd like confirmation that the first floor choice adventure option does apply to all four floors, as I'd rather not waste up to 37 turns adventuring on another floor to see whether the option I selected holds over.

And, while I'm bringing up Lights Out, what exactly does the "spookyraven [on / off]" command in the graphical CLI do? I see it listed on the CLI reference page, but all it says is "tracks Lights Out all the time," and I'm not sure what that means. Where and how is it tracked?


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It's a single option which applies to all floors.
I spent a while last summer trying to figure out how to get it to show up for all floors.
I did not succeed. But it is a known issue.

"spookyraven on" will give you a counter, which shows up in the charpane, for when the next spookyraven adventure is up.
If you are in the Relay Browser and try to adventure somewhere else when that counter is up, you'll get a "Relay Warning" telling you that it's time for Lights Out and telling you where to go for both Stephen and Elizabeth.

"spookyraven off" disables that behavior.