Accessing hosted webpage on another device


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I don't think mafia by default allows connections from other computers, just localhost.
If there isn't a preference to set somewhere and you are not comfortable/profficient enough to change it in sourece code, you are looking at either
1) setting up some kind of proxy on the ocmputer running your kolmafia, setting the proxy to accept connections from your other device and forward it to mafia (somehow) or
2) setting up a tunnel (but I only know how to do that if the computer running mafia already has a running ssh server). The result would be that on your device you would have a (ssh) client listening to some port (you can make it 60080 too, if you want, so you don't have to juggle which number to use on which device), connecting to the mafia computer, and connecting to mafia locally there.


You need to:
  1. set relayAllowRemoteAccess to true
  2. run the cli command 'relay nobrowser' once per session to initialize the relay brower.
After which you should be able to access the relay browser if the host & port is reachable.
how do i change the port of a game, I can host me and a friend, and i want to host a game at 60080 and another at 60070? also should i make this a new thread, because same project, different question


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If you have two sessions running, it'll default to 60080 and 60081. If that's good enough, great.

That said: there is a mafia preference "relayPort" which can be set on a per-character basis. In the CLI, type
set relayPort = 60070