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  1. Quick question= inv. mall management
  2. Relay Browser Basementing
  3. Font Change?
  4. Mood Manager Drops A Log
  5. Happy Birthday Veracity!!!
  6. Request for a script or some help :P
  7. all but usable
  8. Removing startup tabs?
  9. Mall limit highlighting
  10. Can't Access Giant's Castle
  11. Island: McMillincancuddy's "area not available"
  12. have_outfit and autostashsatisfy
  13. O.o
  14. WinMo Java2 compatibility
  15. Astronomer breaks my condition
  16. Priority in bounty.ash
  17. CLI question
  18. usage of hermit script, the item
  19. Suggestion!
  20. Triggering bird drop
  21. A way to disable auto-attack changing?
  22. Winklerd
  23. Tower Monster Feature Request
  24. goatlet & adventure 162
  25. manually setting the cookie counter
  26. Using dropbox as source control for kolmafia
  27. Has something changed with if (!something)
  28. choice adventure setting changed on its own?
  29. Are scripts taking longer to initiate?
  30. Automating the Glurk (stats) hobo marketplace adventure?
  31. What have i done wrong this time
  32. Parsing get_property of relayCounters
  33. Question about the eat command
  34. Ratchet Problem
  35. Overdrink protection in relay browser?
  36. Changelog?
  37. Suggestions for debugging mafia
  38. Adding Holiday Scaling Locations
  39. Auto equip halloween costume
  40. Store Manager 101?
  41. Dwarven Factory
  42. Blocking familiars
  43. mallbot?
  44. Removing saved login?
  45. Mafia Freezing
  46. Suppress Version Checking?
  47. Run most Recent Daily
  48. prismatic wads at breakfast
  49. Virus Warnings?
  50. Mafia always using tiny houses?
  51. Custom combat
  52. Stay in search field after pressing enter on purchases tab?
  53. Is it okay to break chat?
  54. mafia limits?
  55. Chat entries appearing in the gCLI window
  56. multi chars with different custom combat rules
  57. visit_url defaults to adventure in nemesis cave
  58. Small Note
  59. Ignoring a buff from mana burning
  60. was it my imagination?
  61. goals while auto-adventuring
  62. Clan Stashlog
  63. Possible to adventure somewhere not listed?
  64. Libram summon MP bug
  65. Mafia Charpane being Weird
  66. Cast Ode button from Item manager
  67. Newest .jar
  68. Bash scripting help?
  69. Run a Complex Script for 'X' Turns - OCW, etc.
  70. KoLMafia-Ubuntu Help
  71. Relay browser not working.
  72. i made a mall price checker how do i...
  73. jar file issues with windows 7
  74. Need help, i'm new to mafia stuff
  75. Display case manager script help
  76. MPA calculater
  77. How do you adventure in crimbo09 places?
  78. Distinguishing between Characters
  79. Ubuntu Save Path
  80. Newbie scripting, help needed [how to use void]
  81. The "complain to Jick" issue
  82. New shore counter, can I disable it?
  83. Buffbot set to use jumbo dr. lucifer's to restore MP
  84. Chat issues, Help?
  85. Choice Adventure Info Missing
  86. KOLMafia contribution
  87. Gong goals
  88. Auto-use items?
  89. Mafia stopped working, and I'm out of ideas.
  90. Foldable items + wang
  91. No Scripts Work
  92. Scripts directory
  93. Sock proxy Support?
  94. Tabbed chat question
  95. Transfering to a different computer
  96. Mafia internal value of chef/bartender usage?
  97. maximize -sim mode?
  98. Question: The wiki
  99. Upgrades to the site
  100. Making mafia (.jar) auto run not working
  101. Deleting Custom Combat Scripts
  102. Mafia and Windows 7
  103. "feature" -Tiny house not campground
  104. Goals... again
  105. KolMafia Guide for Noobs.
  106. Find equipped items on non-active familiars?
  107. New Milk Dialog Box
  108. Idea To Save Headaches And Make Things Easier
  109. odd "acquire" behavior
  110. Quick Q:
  111. ANother Q:
  112. Information about Monster Drops
  113. Whats the Preferences/Shortcut gCLI toolbar button do?
  114. Items usable on other players
  115. Latest SVN Changes not updating
  116. Llama gong weirdness
  117. Configurations are being reset sporadically?
  118. BRICKOS summoning (hopefully I haven't butchered the ash language!)
  119. Identification of Bang Potions
  120. Pulverizing with Wadbot
  121. Modifier Minimizer?
  122. Skill logging?
  123. Multiple Mafia Windows
  124. Script Input
  125. MPA Scriptlet
  126. Unknown monsters
  127. autoRepair clockwork bartender?
  128. Question about auto-casting Summon Love Song.
  129. Debug Log Output
  130. Wiki Updates (masochism?)
  131. Irc
  132. Hardcore, no bartender ...
  133. What does "no-sell" mean in mafia?
  134. Compatability with the newst version of Java?
  135. Java Problem?
  136. Browser skipping over noncombat quests question
  137. Preventing Mafia from autocasting Ode to Booze
  138. Autoadventuring in places mafia thinks I can't hit anything
  139. No Transcendent Olfaction in Kolmafia... but I can use it in the relay browser!
  140. improve login warnings (diff attached)
  141. Collection Ranks
  142. Leaderboard Check
  143. track slimeling fullness (diff attached)
  144. A bunch of relay browser enhancements disappeared
  145. Removing an item from store
  146. container?
  147. Write mafia code prettily!
  148. Using Mafia on Two Different Computers
  149. Feature request: Expansion of the Session Results rightclick menu.
  150. Proxy Settings
  151. How to auto-heal with spells inbetween combat?
  152. Can't copy-paste
  153. Mafia versions
  154. Do NOT automatically uneffect Cunctatitis
  155. Put items in clanstash aborted on a 0?
  156. /Kolmafia/sideCommand Usage
  157. Fernswarthy's basement helper... was wrong?
  158. CLI output goes from Left Justified to Right Justified?
  159. Summon Crimbo Candy woes
  160. buffbot troubles
  161. Custom counter?
  162. Will mafia be affected by KoL's new combat macros?
  163. help with mirror
  164. Relay browser issue with item descriptions
  165. Session results
  166. Slimetube chamois
  167. Unknown Mafia Issue - Looking for Advice
  168. Logs
  169. Trouble with Zlib/NeoCowFarm
  170. tropical island volcano destination option in O Cap'm, My Cap'm
  171. Mafia hotkeys: combat action vs. CLI command
  172. Relay login
  173. Thank you for macro support!
  174. Question about get_counters
  175. More efficent way of doing this /Betterway of doing this /Getting hat buff
  176. AutoOlfact...
  177. Meatcar link to guild
  178. A question about proxies
  179. Action Buttons in Relay Browser
  180. Path to \scripts ?
  181. KolMafia on N900, Maemo 5 - Is it possible?
  182. Multiple accounts?
  183. syntax highlighting for TextWrangler
  184. Possible Roc Feather issue...
  185. Between battle: any reason this shouldent work
  186. Forum issue with attachments of files
  187. Autoadventuring and Combat Macros
  188. Consumption Level Trigger?
  189. Cold-Blooded Warm Fuzzies
  190. pickpocketing 100% drop rates and the relay browser script button
  191. Question - Conditional Drops
  192. lastDwarfFactoryReset
  193. is crimbotree working ok?
  194. Chatting with Kingdom of Buffing
  195. Can you de-combat-macroify your combat scripts and actions?
  196. Modifier Maximizer - what do you frequently use that isn't in the default gui?
  197. Wildcard in aliases
  198. CCS Macro problem
  199. Clarification requested please :)
  200. Price question
  201. Familiar Switching
  202. adding machines and spam witches
  203. Running Mafia from a flash drive
  204. Global Preferences don't load at startup
  205. Preference meatDropSpading
  206. Meat handling within Mafia
  207. Last Semirare variable?
  208. Goal for completing spleen familiar drops?
  209. "Collapse all inventory fields" and Mafia
  210. craft.ash -- Pulverize Groups
  211. Testudinata's buffs updated; verifying Mafia support for users?
  212. Buying expensive/rare things with acquire
  213. Requested added goal functionality
  214. Recent Downtime
  215. gCLI command to ENABLE auto-attack?
  216. New buffbot for consideration for inclusion
  217. What does the "stop after" button do?
  218. Purchase Buffs, and the endless "Configuring dynamic buff prices..."
  219. page loading
  220. You can't hit anything…yes, I can.
  221. Hobopolis Ash Requests
  222. Why does Mafia think every familiar is better with the Moeable Feast?
  223. KoL Coldfront Marketplace down?
  224. Cooking confusion lol
  225. KoLmafia Forums Title
  226. Initializing chat interface....
  227. Clan ascension listing
  228. .jar and win7
  229. Looking for a way to match text at an url without forcing a page reload.
  230. Computer crashed... and it took away my preferences.
  231. Slime vial collection
  232. Interesting inexplicable observation
  233. Losing 30669 scrolls in the Valley
  234. Properties not resetting
  235. adventure() sometimes returns false despite consuming an adventure
  236. Easy questions
  237. Going on vacation/First attempt to automate something myself
  238. Suggestion: Monster Level Device Setting
  239. Suggestion: Potion inventory section
  240. How to funksling with a CCS?
  241. Strangest problem with KoLmafia
  242. Why does kolmafia always buy items before checking closet, display, and stash? o_O
  243. Problem with relay browser
  244. Script Location
  245. SVN Discussion
  246. Help! Trying to use KOLMafia from work - Proxy+Firewall?
  247. Help me unbreak my Cleanup feature!
  248. Help with external scripts for mac
  249. Option to change length of manaburning buff?
  250. Feature/Script request: Tour Guide Trakcer