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MAKE.MEAT.FAST (aka farm.ash)


So I put together something different. It's an optimal farming script. Optimal farming script. It surveys the entire kingdom and all of your possessions to figure out what will make you the most meat. If something gets in demand - like briefcases did during last Crimbo - it automatically figures it out and farms accordingly. If farming the castle is best; great - it optimizes you for that as well.

It can take nearly an hour to run because it considers every combination of outfits, effects, familiars, and more. It evaluates every location in the kingdom, every monster in every location, and every item dropped by every monster. It considers combat rates, current mall prices, monster encounter rates, and more.

If you set "sim" to "true", it'll tell you its recommendations. If you set it to "false", it spends your adventures wherever it deems best, and mallsells or autosells the rest. It also eats and drinks the food that gives you the optimal return given your forecasted earnings.

There's still some stuff to do. Olfaction is calculated but not executed. Noncombats aren't factored in yet. Diving support isn't done. Rares of all flavors aren't factored in. And of course, you might not get the mall price that you were hoping for if prices drop before everything sells (although you can increase mall_markdown to mitigate the effects of this).

Now, the whole idea of this script is to find subtle pricing trends in the mall. If enough people use it the arbitrage opportunity goes away, of course. So this is going to become available as a part of the more limited distribution ascend.ash suite. A bonus for people who get it. But it probably deserves a thread of its own, so please post questions, comments, bug reports, etc here. You can get it by going to here, following the instructions, and running farm.ash from the zipfile.

And of course it's highly configurable. Be careful about adding skills/outfits/etc though - adding one outfit, for example, will roughly double execution time.

I'm eager to hear your feedback!

Oh, did I mention it's in beta? There are probably some horrific bugs; perhaps ones that make the whole idea untenable. I may scrap it and go back to castlefarming in a week.

I haven't found any, though; right now I'm just making meat fast. ;)


This script is currently maintained by Winterbay. You may install this script by pasting the following into your CLI and pressing enter:
svn checkout
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Oh, one more thing - I'm predicting about 1146 meat per adventure with this script (hard to calculate the actual number since mall prices vary a bit), using widely available items. On the recommended diet, that's about 300k meat per day net of food and booze, and without exotic buffs like thingfinder or outfits like hodge gear. Just to give you some idea of what you can expect.


First reaction: Huh? Wow. I'm both impressed and horrified.

It does seem like an interesting puzzle to figure out though so I can certainly approve of the reason for creating it. Honestly I expect more people will offer you a Mr. A for this functionality than have done so for ascending with your script.

Does this only consider item farming or will it farm the more profitable between meat and items? Personally I consider item farming the more moral of the two so it does matter to me, although I don't expect anyone else to agree.


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now if only i had checked this forum first before running my characters today.

Guess I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow ;)


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awsome, i got the password yesterday (dj your a funny guy i loved the message) what did you name this script as? ( i checked the updated one today and cant find it in the scripts)

also my reaction

=awsome idea, however, with enough people buying and using your script, The market would be flooded and changed weekly

its a horrifying aspect

i love it :)


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@Bale: actually, it considers both, and sometimes finds interesting and counter-intuitive compromises. For example, for a couple of days it was giving me a +item outfit and a hobo monkey - because the +item outfit was enough to get the item drops to the 100% cap, so you might as well use the familiar slot to increase meat drops.

The interesting thing is that the script reacts solely to the economy, so - theoretically - it will damp out fluctuations in market pricing. If demand for briefcases
goes up, prices for briefcases go up, more people will farm for them, and prices will go back down. It's an auto-arbitrageur. It (again theoretically) would actually make things more affordable to everyone, and if widely available, would cause deflation as people farmed for items instead of meat (meaning more items and less meat in the economy).

But for now I think it's just going to be interesting and fun profit for those who run it. :)
Wow sounds awesome, that must've been a lot of work. I can't wait to try it and compare it to my farming script. I'll also be interested to see how it works out in the long run. It might just sink the item prices until it has to castlefarm all the time.


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The big thing is that rather than automate whatever it is you decide to farm for, as I think your script does, this actually decides what you _should_ be farming for (assuming your goal is to maximize meat gain).
Yeah, mine just automates the process. It lets you set where you want to farm and a lot of the details, but it can't make those decisions itself. Your script is unique because it tries to find what will make you the most meat at this exact moment whereas my script (and other similar ones) really only work for long term strategies. That's why I'm interested to see how your script compares. In theory it sounds like it would net more meat, on the other hand there's also the potential for it to be "tricked" by market fluctuations. I'll try running yours for a couple days and mine for a couple days and compare the results. If you're right about the meat/adventure estimate then this one would be significantly better than mine. I find mine usually gets ~750 meat/adventure (of course a lot depends on your gear and such) I'll keep you posted on how it goes.


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Sounds awesome! Unfortunately, I just ascended (using your ascend.ash--glad I bought it!) and will have to wait a little while for my character to get back up into the higher levels.

I net maybe ~400 meat an adventure doing mainly castle farming and autosell... 1,100 sounds rather promising. I don't think I'll be able to get that high since my equipment in only mediocre, but it should be useful.


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(smacks self on forehead) I will add a check to see if the area is safe to adventure. Then you should be able to use it low-level. It already takes mall access in to account.

ed: done, give it a try!
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Thanks for the changes. My main is still in Ronin, but I think perhaps I can test it out with my multi tonight after I unlock the giants' castle.


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FYI It should work perfectly in Ronin too - it will consider autosell prices instead of mall prices, then do whatever's best.


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I would run it, but I get this little error that keeps me from running the main script:

Bad location value: "Nemesis Cave" (canadv.ash, line 213)

I downloaded the latest version from 9/4 from the front page of that thread and Zlib 5. Not sure what's going on here.


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Found one issue with it already, it tried to adventure in the farm but already had exhausted it's turns there so I had to restart the script. A bit annoying since it takes quite some time to rerun it.