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r50 Update

First, a couple cool new features for the Adventure Again box:

  • Add delay() information for locations that have delay, and provide a link to use a turkey blaster if you can get one. At the time of commit, you wouldn't have visual feedback for the success of your turkey blaster since it wouldn't adjust turns_spent for the location, but thanks to lost's commit in 18112 you will see the delay going down. (As an aside, I've heard mention for a while of phasing out delay(), but now here we have a mechanic introduced that supports it...?)
  • For those of you who are top secret agents in His Majesty's service, when you are clearing out a lair, we now show the number of villains remaining, which button color to use, and provide a link to use cans of Minions-Be-Gone if you have any. Note that at present the number of minions will not be adjusted for using the cans, but you will get visual feedback of use from the item count decreasing. So far every time I've used a can there have been 5 minions left when I get the final henchmen/boss, so it's pretty safe to assume each can clears out 5 minions.

And a few tweaks to the Actions Table:

  • Don't show the spam sandwich for actions that aren't spammable, such as once-only actions or actions that end combat.
  • Since BatBrain now has a framework for tracking item and skill blocking messages, provide a 'kitty' icon to attempt a potentially blockable action until it's not blocked.



(As an aside, I've heard mention for a while of phasing out delay(), but now here we have a mechanic introduced that supports it...?)

The original implementation, where there was a set number of delay() turns split randomly between lots of zones, effectively went away when that was changed to just be 5 for every place in that list. The mechanic in general satisfies the narrative desire of not allowing quests to be finished the moment you walk into a new location, so it isn't going away.


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I was hoping someone more in the know would comment on that. Thanks!

Aside from turkey blasters, the only other ways to eat up delay are free runaways and useful wandering monsters, right? Could be useful to provide links for heading to a delayed zone when a Digitized monster is due.


Aside from turkey blasters, the only other ways to eat up delay are free runaways and useful wandering monsters, right? Could be useful to provide links for heading to a delayed zone when a Digitized monster is due.

Free runaways (and free kills) are equally useful regardless of there being delay in the zone. Either way, it saves a turn. Free runaways are slightly better against lower ML monsters so you don't lose as many stats, but that mechanic has been phased out in favor of free kills, so it doesn't matter so much. The way to make free kills save more turns is to use them to extend buffs, such as Bow-Legged Swagger lasting long enough to have 5 guaranteed modern zmobies. (So yes, free runaways count, but only in the sense that running into the monster counts regardless of using the free runaway.)

Setting up wandering monsters to burn delay is a common speed-ascending strategy, and having links for when Digitize is ready would be useful. If you're going to support that, don't forget the LOV Enamorang (I don't know how much use it gets, but the code should be basically the same anyway).


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I accidentally disabled Batman RE by misclicking on the bat tab. How do I re-enable it for that character? Thanks!


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You lose an effect: On Your Honeymoon

Hello everyone! I've returned and have been bringing my scripts up to speed. Let's start with the flagship!

r53 Update

As forehinted, BatMan RE now has a delay helper! In addition to showing your remaining turns of delay in your current location, and providing a handy link to chew a turkey blaster if such is possible, we also now provide a handy Batmenu item that appears when you have a wandering monster due from Digitize or the Enamorang. Mousing over the menu item gives you adventurable links to visit any of the zones where you have delay remaining (though not sanity-checked; the zone may not yet be unlocked), so you can click there to use your wandering monster to eat up a little of the delay. Making it appear right where the usual Adventure Again link is will hopefully help guard against misclicks when blasting through a zone.

With turn-sensitive information appearing in the Adventure Again box, I was able to find even more sync problems, where the current turn when loading the script is arbitrarily the turn of your fight, or the turn after your fight. I have finally quashed that bug by detecting and accounting for the offset -- and most noticeably, the Adventure Again box now simply loads when moused over rather than at page load time.

In playing a few Pocket Familiars runs, I've taken this opportunity to to add some Copperhead quest stuff (I normally do the pirates):
  • Don't output the Monster Manuel table.
  • Copperhead Club: provide a link to use crappy waiter disguise.
  • Mob of Zeppelin Protesters: clearer output (how many protesters will be scared away by each action).
  • Also for some reason, clover adventure information was lacking for both the above zones. Have added it in, so BatMan RE's clover helper will now work for those zones (telling you what to expect, clovers in inventory, and a link to use one).
Also a few Sea things:
  • Mer-kin Colosseum: The "next weapon" calculation has been problematic. The weapon recommendation links should now be trustworthy.
  • Mer-kin Library: Provide links to 1) make a guess with the dreadscroll, and II) maximize resistances and cast Deep Dark Visions. Less clicking!
And a few other tiny changes:
  • Pirates of the Garbage Barges: show filth level.
  • http => https
And a final, pointless list:
  • First item.
  • Second item.
  • Third and final item.



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Today I updated BatMan RE to r56, which saw a goodly number of improvements to Factroid!:

  • Reinstated the Frattlesnake, which now appears in Loathing again.
  • Correct capitalization for location names.
  • Now that the fork has finally merged, remove Cango preference and only use Canadv if available.
  • Also if you have Canadv, we finally implemented fronobulax's feature request from two years ago and add a checkbox to hide unavailable locations. This was actually quite a non-trivial change and I tore out a few hairs in the process, which is fine because they were the white ones.
  • I tested this on a character without Manuel (thus showing all monsters/locations), and discovered that The "Fun" House was causing problems with its quotation marks. So we also entity encode location names now, which solved that problem.

And the Adventure Again box keeps getting more and more handy:

  • Link to chew Nightmare Fuel in the Defiled areas.
  • Links to equip any and all gear in Spelunky, since there is such a limited amount of it.
  • Quick links to Conjure skills as an Avatar of Jarlsberg, since you almost certainly want to do all of them every day. Links disappear once you've used them for the day.

But when making this update, I noted that I'd also not made posts here for the last couple updates! So here's some changeloggy stuff for


  • Adventure Again link now works as Explore Next Unexplored Square link in the Tavern, for greater blasting.
  • Support for Pokebattles! BatMan RE now recommends the top action from SimplePoke, so you can blast through Pokefam fights just like you blast through normal fights.
  • Correct capitalization for monster names.
  • Avoid unwanted double-submissions by removing KoL's default handling for key #192

And as usual, more Adventure Again box improvements:

  • don't show MCD helper for Boss Bat in Pocket Familiars
  • link to equip mohawk wig on the Top Floor
  • link to use lynyrd snare at the Mob of Zeppelin Protesters
  • show free turns remaining in the Neverending Party
  • chefstaff helper for Avatar of Jarlsberg! Quick links to swap your chefstaff, with info about each staff

And now for


  • G-Lover support: check be_good() before providing use links for items. Also revamp the clover helper to include the closet and default to putting clovers in the closet rather than disassembling them in G-Lover. This should also be fairly robust for future paths.
  • Remove adventure.ash. It doesn't seem to be necessary.
  • Sera: dim items that don't be_good().

And no update would be complete without an Adventure Again box feature:

  • In FantasyRealm locations, add spoiler for how many monsters you've defeated in that location today.

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Hello and thanks for the scripts, @zarqon !

Having an issue with Sera. It says scented massage oil is 14,400 meat in the mall, but there are thousands of them available for 4,800.