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Factroid seems to have stopped working for me. After scraping the manuel pages, the Factroid page shows with no factoids, although according to the manuel:
You have casually researched 24 creatures.
You have thoroughly researched 7 creatures.
You have exhaustively researched 1970 creatures.
If I swap out the factoid text file with an older version, it comes up as the correctly built page. But if I then press Refresh Manuel Data it scrapes the pages and indicates no factoids again. Any idea what's going on?


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Yes, it looks like the KoL HTML has changed slightly for that page. So I whipped out my regex tongs and fixed the matcher to accommodate the new HTML, and that gives us r67. It also adds something to the display in the monster queue of the Adventure Again box showing whether you have each monster in your combat lover's locket (for characters that may care about that).


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Got this today with r26682:
The string "skill 1005" is not an integer; returning 1005 (BatMan_RE.ash, line 342)
at batman_enhance (BatMan_RE.ash:342)
SS: Factors[item] does not contain '7969,2405'.
The string "skill 1033" is not an integer; returning 1033 (BatMan_RE.ash, line 342)
at batman_enhance (BatMan_RE.ash:342)
at main (BatMan_RE.ash:477)
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