r50 Update

First, a couple cool new features for the Adventure Again box:

  • Add delay() information for locations that have delay, and provide a link to use a turkey blaster if you can get one. At the time of commit, you wouldn't have visual feedback for the success of your turkey blaster since it wouldn't adjust turns_spent for the location, but thanks to lost's commit in 18112 you will see the delay going down. (As an aside, I've heard mention for a while of phasing out delay(), but now here we have a mechanic introduced that supports it...?)
  • For those of you who are top secret agents in His Majesty's service, when you are clearing out a lair, we now show the number of villains remaining, which button color to use, and provide a link to use cans of Minions-Be-Gone if you have any. Note that at present the number of minions will not be adjusted for using the cans, but you will get visual feedback of use from the item count decreasing. So far every time I've used a can there have been 5 minions left when I get the final henchmen/boss, so it's pretty safe to assume each can clears out 5 minions.

And a few tweaks to the Actions Table:

  • Don't show the spam sandwich for actions that aren't spammable, such as once-only actions or actions that end combat.
  • Since BatBrain now has a framework for tracking item and skill blocking messages, provide a 'kitty' icon to attempt a potentially blockable action until it's not blocked.