volcano_mining.ash - Automate mining of the Velvet/Gold Mine at That 70s Volcano

New user needing some help with a volcano farming script

Hi, I'm a new user to both Kol and Mafia.

I have recently gained access to the Volcano, and it was recommended to me to use Mafia to script the farming.

I have downloaded volcano_farming.ash from THIS thread.

I noticed it is a few years old Is this still a good script? Are there any issues I should know about?


I use the script daily, so it does still work for some people. Last time I got the error you're describing, it was because some other script had spammed my session log with large amounts of messages, and ZLib tries to load the session log into a variable as part of its logging functionality. Deleting the day's session log fixed it. Alternatively, waiting until rollover and trying it again should reset your daily session log as well.
Also, make sure you are using the most recent daily build. Other scripts had this problem a few weeks ago and it required a mafia fix


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This script requires object detection, but shouldn't the lazy farming not actually need it?


Hey... is there a way to turn velvet mining back on? Velvet is actually going for over 7,000 meat.

Yup! Lazy mining is controlled by the "vmine_lazyFarm" variable. To see its current status, type this into KoLMafia's graphical CLI:
zlib vmine_lazyFarm

To turn lazy mining off, type the following:
zlib vmine_lazyFarm = false
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I briefly looked at the script and didn't find anything. But just to confirm: The script doesn't try to get a free volcoino at the towering discotheque right? It also doesnt try to do W.L.F. Bunker quest?