Slime Tube Adventuring Script

Ok Bale I had this working and I am trying to run today with same settings and getting the message "Coated in Slime is unremoveable" this happens right after it switches from the minml suit to the maxml suit. I have chamoix in the bucket and rests in the hot tub


I may regret taking on this responsibility, but I'll be done reconciling the versions on Monday and updating it then. I've been a bit distracted by Crimbo and stuff. Hopefully you won't still have that problem, but I really don't know.


Right now. Change log:

Integrated code from tne fork by Zen00
Added some code from zarqon's BestBetweenBattle

* Updated the HTML to be a little more centered for smaller browsers
* Updated the familiar spleen items to get stuff from all current and many future familiars
* Fixed hot-tub/chamois handling (no more double dipping, thus wasting your hot tub uses)
* Added mood support
* Properly changes MCD and removes Ur-Kel (if you have the skill) during low/high ML cycles
* Updated the list of tatter-likes to include a few new ones (checked for free-runaway chance on the wiki)

Please let me know if it actually works.
Ok immediately after it puts on the maxml suit it tells me Coated in slime is unremoveable. Do I have something setup in kol wrong. I am using your Recovery script. I have it set to use hot tub


I made a change to improve UI control over switching familiars that drop a limited number of items per day.

Now, you can select "(auto-swap for daily drops)" as a choice of familiar for low ML and/or high ML. This gives more control over using the option as well as making it clearer when it will be used. That way if you have enough ML to get nodules without using the purse rat, you can get a few more of the limited familiar drops. This should be much more usable.

This is entirely different from the previous mechanism, so if you previously had it set to swap familiars, it won't do that anymore until you enable the choice from the relay script.


Thank you for sharing that. I'm very happy to know that my time with this script was well spent.

Credit to Alhifar, but I'll try to keep it up to date while his attention is elsewhere.
I am noticing one thing. It is switching to the boots to get the paste but it never releases the boots. I am using WHAM as my CCS if this makes any difference


Urgh. It should work with WHAM (that's someone else's problem), but regardless I'll pull the boots from rotation since they are a potential problem for various problems such as contradiction with tattering.

Thanks for noting that.


If you care to add this (even though it will affect exactly 0 players), I got some more digits of precision today on Coated in Slime damage. From trials with exactly 10,000,000 HP:
slime_percent[1] = 5.3333490;
slime_percent[2] = 4.0014678;
slime_percent[3] = 2.9021937;
slime_percent[4] = 2.0164264;
slime_percent[5] = 1.3243979;
slime_percent[6] =  .8055476;
slime_percent[7] =  .4383466;
slime_percent[8] =  .2000367;
slime_percent[9] =  .0662078;
slime_percent[10] = .0100000;


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Hi all

Showing my complete noob-ness. I installed the script but when i try to run it from the relay browser i get the following error in my CLI "Script parsing error (relay_slime.ash, line 113)

It is going to be something obvious and stupid and I shall await here with my head hung to be shamed and called a noob (but hopefully someone can help me out)