Miner.ash - Automated ore farming


it's 2021 and i am still getting the
Bad location value: "Outskirts of The Knob" (miner.ash, line 141)
message, too.

Are you sure you don't have a prior version (aka Tarko's problem)? I pulled the Miner.ash from post 70 and it doesn't have that location name anywhere in it.

I have the latest Build (15027), the Miner.ash from post ~70 but I get a "Unknown variable 'crimbonium' ()" error when i try to run your aliases.

Any idea?


Miner.ash from post 67 is NOT the same at the one from post 70... poor reading skills is me.


While it hasn't been maintained in a while, maybe it should be adopted and put into SVN instead of in a forum post.