Bug - Fixed Maximizer won't equip Familiar Scrapbook


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I can't get maximizer to equip familiar scrapbook, even when explicitly telling it to with "+equip familiar scrapbook".

> maximize mainstat, +equip familiar scrapbook

Maximizer: mainstat, +equip familiar scrapbook
7 combinations checked, best score 28.00 (FAIL)
Unable to meet all requirements via equipment changes.
See the Modifier Maximizer for further suggestions.

> /count familiar scrapbook

You have 1 familiar scrapbook.


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It should be, no?


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I'd think so, but even some fairly obvious searches aren't turning it up:
Maximizer: +familiar weight, +familiar exp, +offhand, -tie, 2 dump
should consider it, but it's not in the list below...

I just need to debug it (while not also running autoscend!) and see what happens when it comes up. Debugging a loop through every item is a drag, because I haven't figure out how to be more surgical with IJ.

Also, my list of "things I want to do" includes "make the maximizer show the individual values for each individual item in the maximize string", but that hasn't hit "do this now" yet...
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My biggest suspicion is a conflict with the word "familiar" somewhere. It is a keyword as well. A quick scan of the items database indicates that there is another piece of equipment that contains the word, i.e. "flaming familiar doppelgänger" - which is a foldable and may have some special handling in the maximizer already.

I've never been able to completely understand the maximizer code and I could be way off. Just a guess.


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I had noticed that also @AlbinoRhino! But in this case, it's because exp actually isn't coded to match against percentage experience gains. In r20751 maximizing for exp now assumes a monster's base exp is character's level * 2 and considers percentage exp buffs thusly