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Thread: Character Info Toolbox

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    Adding it in the popup chart would be tricky because that's a static image at the moment, but adding it to the modifiers popup would be easy, so I'll do that.

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    I noticed in bees hate you, the chit familiar box shows all familiars instead of filtering out those with a b in their name, which cannot be used in bees hate you run.
    Would be great if it filtered those. Also when doing the black forest, show reconstituted crow instead of reassembled blackbird.

    Also, the equipment box should not show the garbage tote foldable items
    as those items cannot be folded in a bees hate you run

    Thinking about it, CHIT shouldn't display the songboom boombox box in bees hate you. Since that IOTM is unusable in that path
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    Quick bug report. When you click the location link for last adventure in CHIT, it does not appear that CHIT is activating the betweenBattleScripts even if you have enabled the proper mafia prefs. It looks like it acts as a bypass. I'm in-run, so I'm not sure I can test it again until after rollover, but I'll try to test it out in my next non-competitive run.

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    Is there no option/way to multi-cast?

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