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Thread: Spacegate

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    I added "unvisited" as a command to select a random planet from the set of known "public" planets that you have not yet visited. You can specify a difficulty range.

    I considered making it a goal, rather than a command, but it's not actually something you are looking for; it's a way to start from a different list of planets.

    On the other hand, if it WERE a goal, you could say "unvisited, space baby", for example.

    I'm torn, but my intended use is in place of "random" - i.e., I don't want to always select the hardest, as is done with goals - so I'll leave it as this for now.

    Revision 166. That also detects spreadsheet planets that claim to have more than one kind of ancient ruins and treats that as simply "detected".

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    Thanks for this, I'm still using the GingerBread script daily and I'm going to see if this'll get me the primitive alien drops.

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