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Thread: The latest Daily Build

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    Default The latest Daily Build

    Since we are on a new shiny VPS server, I spent some time writing a bash script to automatically push new builds once an hour. You can get them hot off the press at and the exe builds will be built every Sunday at Midnight (I think I setup the cron right for that, we'll see!). Attempted to make a dmg build but couldn't get that to work (probably something to do with my being on Linux in some way).

    Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.
    Originally Posted by fewyn View Post
    3 cheers for fewyn!

    Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah!!!!!!

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    Now... where do we find the changelogs?

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    A few forums down from this one.

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    Now I don't have to post new builds each day.

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    You can always discuss the new changes though on the forums now!

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    Would the Latest SVN Changes forum be the best place to discuss the latest build now?
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    You can follow me on twitter @fewyn

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    Since I was too lazy to build the builds myself in the past I always had to wait for someone to post them...

    Now that's pretty cool. Great Feature!


    Now... where do we find the changelogs?
    Originally Posted by evilspoons View Post
    You can find them here:
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    Originally Posted by DoubleFloat View Post
    Technically yes, but loading every change that has ever happened probably isn't what anyone wants. Like fewyn said, a few forums down is what people want.

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    Now I don't have to post new builds each day.
    Originally Posted by asturia View Post
    It was fun while it lasted.

    Good to see again all the work the development team puts into the project. Really amazing how well, and quickly, they adapt to the myriad changes to the game.

    Hope the new build system works well. Good idea, fewyn!

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