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  • Hey Jason. Say, is there any place we can add my newbie guide to KolMafia to make it more accessible? I was thinking if you could store it on the sourceforge page as a Getting Started guide, since it is a lot more recent than the previous guide. I think it is more newbie friendly as well. Maybe we could sticky it on this forum?

    Bale has already provided valuable feedback and I have taken all of his suggestions. If you or any other developer has any comments about it I would be happy to incorporate them into my next version. Any clarifications or even cool functionality that I have overlooked that is not too advanced.

    Two more modifications I plan on making are a simple way to use the mini-browser to determine exact PHP strings called by visiting a location, and also how to define your own buttons and exactly where they would show up (via Preferences, Shortcuts menu) Thanks!
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