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Thread: volcano_mining.ash - Automate mining of the Velvet/Gold Mine at That 70s Volcano

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    Default volcano_mining.ash - Automate mining of the Velvet/Gold Mine at That 70s Volcano

    Hello all!

    I've modified Bombar's Crimbo Mining script to work with the Velvet/Gold Mine. By default, the script follows the following algorithm:

    1. Mine sparkles in the first three rows as efficiently as possible, stopping as soon as a gold is found.
    2. If a velvet has been uncovered or no gold has been found, mine all of the velvets.
    3. If it still hasn't found a gold, continue hitting sparkles until gold is found.
    4. Go to a new mine.

    The script assumes that a) you have an outfit named "Volcano Mining" which will meet the requirements to enter, and that b) you have enough turns of Object Detection remaining to cover the script's entire run, as the algorithm it uses relies on the effect.

    How to install:
    svn checkout
    How to use:
    Once you have it checked out, run "volcano_mining.ash" from the scripts menu.

    Special Thanks:
    Bombar, for writing the original Crimbo Mining script I based this on.
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    * Added in a new switch to allow for mood maintenance while mining.
    * Removed support for velvet mining now that velvet is all but worthless in the mall from overfarming
    * Added support for "lazy mining", i.e. only mining directly-accessible sparkles in the first two rows before moving to a new mine. Testing shows an efficiency improvement of ~0.5 when using this method (average ~5.5 adv/gold, rather than 6).
    * Whoops. The "mining will cost an Adventure" text the script was looking for doesn't show up when Unaccompanied Miner is in play. It now looks for something else on the page to verify it actually has a mine.
    * Restore MP before restoring HP, not after
    * Detect when we're unable to access the mine and abort with an informative message
    * Trigger Mafia's built-in MP restore as well when using it for HP restore
    * Added a "total gold autosale" stat to the end text.
    * Fixed a bug with non-velvet mining that would sometimes fail to mine a single square before moving to a new mine
    * Refactored the script to be more friendly to being called by other scripts
    * Added zlib as a dependency, as the refactor relies on it
    * Added an option to let the script automatically re-up Object Detection when it needs it
    * Added "lookForVelvet" as an option when first running the script, to govern whether it specifically tries to go for velvet or only farms it incidentally
    * Track adventures used while mining
    * Present an "average turns per gold" statistic to the readout at the end
    * Now asks how many adventures you want to spend when starting the script
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    Hi there!

    I've been wanting to run this script but I run into an issue I couldn't find on the forums.

    When I copy-paste the svn command, it gives me this:

    Starting Checkout...
    Validating repo...
    Repo validated.
    svn: E155000: 'C:\Users\XXX\Dropbox\XXX\Kol Mafia\svn\coandco-mafia-volcano-mining-trunk' is already a working copy for a different URL; perform update to complete it
    SVN ERROR during checkout operation. Aborting...
    Requests complete.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your time!

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    LD, it sounds like you already have some version of this script installed. "svn list' will show you what you have. Since the URL is different, you then might want to "svn delete" what you currently have installed, then run the "svn checkout" command from the first post again.

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    Worked like a charm! Thank you very much! It was getting a little tedious having to mine it manually haha.

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    I'm getting an error when I try to update/install the script:

    Validating repo...
    Repo validated.
    Updating coandco-mafia-volcano-mining-trunk...
    svn: E170001: Authentication required for '/> GitHub'
    Requests complete.

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    Hmm. Try using "svn checkout" instead of "trunk/" -- I haven't quite figured out what the best way is to access GitHub-hosted scripts.

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    So, I've been trying this out a bit, but I find it restores HP using skills, but fails to restore MP until they run out, and then prematurely ends w/o trying to heal again and continue. Am I doing something terribly wrong here on my end? (BTW, Do Like! Nice way to quickly earn a bit of meat between CS runs! Thanks!)
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    By default, volcano_mining.ash just uses the built-in Mafia restore_hp function. Do you have your mana recovery set up correctly in Mafia? I thought that the Mafia restores could be configured to manage both HP and MP, but I could be wrong.

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    It's a script issue. Mafia's default mp restoration isn't going to activate outside of adventuring unless you invoke it. Adding a call to restore_mp(0) right after the call to restore_hp(1) would solve the matter.

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