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Thread: Quick question on Custom Combat

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    Yeah, I think I'll add that to WHAM as well. Shouldn't be too hard since there is already a global override string that can get built on. Probably use a setting that specifies the colour you want to siphon.
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    I believe it will work if you add a few quotes.
    Originally Posted by Bale View Post
    I'm pretty sure adding quotes won't change anything (although I didn't test).
    Try the Nemesis Quest Script or the FamiliarFeeder interface.
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    I wrote a consult script a while ago that apparently works around a Mafia limitation where macros and consult scripts couldn't be used in the same CCS. Here's the consult script:
    void main(int actionIndex, monster opponent, string pageText) {
            //print("Macroifying from actionIndex " + actionIndex);
            string macro;
            for i from actionIndex to 100 {
                    if (get_ccs_action(i) == "consult whm_consultMacro.ash") {
                            //print("found consult entry at actionIndex " + i);
                            macro = get_ccs_action(i+1);
                            if (macro.substring(0,1) == "\"" && macro.substring(length(macro)-1,length(macro)) == "\"") {
                                    macro = macro.substring(1, length(macro)-1);
                            //print("macro to use is '" + macro + "'");
            visit_url("fight.php?action=macro&macrotext=" + url_encode(macro), true, true);
    Apparently, that's still a thing, and the script seems to be working for me, so maybe it's useful for other folks, too. I use it like so: (The above consult script is whm_consultMacro.ash.)

    [ default ]
    try to steal an item
    consult whm_consultWatercolors.ash
    consult whm_consultMacro.ash
    "use Miniborg hiveminder; repeat !match Bjorn && !pastround 15; use Miniborg hiveminder; repeat !match "yellow eye" && !pastround 20"
    skill point at your opponent
    attack with weapon
    attack with weapon
    attack with weapon
    skill fearful fettucini
    skill weapon of the pastalord

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