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    Am I the only scripter to use data subfolders? I can't imagine I am. So do I just need to write it differently (add some forward slashes or something) or do you think it's simply not allowed at this point?
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    Hey all. Been out of the game for a while (both KoL and coding in general) and I was doing some upkeep when I noticed that files that used to be stored in a subfolder of /data (namely, /data/backups) have begun piling up in /data. I tried doing a quick search to see what changed but couldn't...
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    raidlog override a la Dr. Evi1

    Sorry guys, I just noticed this (haven't played in a long while) and it too me a long time to figure out where the issue was. Should have started by looking here! Looks like the dev team took out the "http:" from the link, just updated the script to fix this.
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    Scripts on SVN

    Google Code is shutting down. No more new projects can be created, and over the coming months, existing projects will become read-only. I thought I remember reading somewhere on here that some popular repo site is not really compatible (github?) and I was just wondering what recommendations...
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    Avoiding errors

    So, it's been a while since I've gotten under the hood of some good ASH. Last time, I remember try/finally being added, but my search-fu is weak and I'm not sure if this has been expanded at all. So, my question. Is it possible to intercept an error in ASH and have the script go on? Or even...
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    Skill/CS planner

    Sorry about the disappearance guys! Unfortunately, I'm still not going to be super regular, but I am here now. I'll take a look at your planner file, see if the problem is there (I don't see why it would be). I see that the skills page in KoL is *completely* different, so I may have to...
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    Feature Copy constructor for ASH records (and possibly arrays/maps as well?)

    I feel like, if this were to be implemented, it wouldn't be too much effort to transform the code that copies aggregates into code that compares them... it's been requested a few times elsewhere for an equality operator for maps and records. Just sayin'.
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    Bug - Not A Bug modifier maximizer hates pvp

    I did consider that, but I felt like "mystica" isn't something that would be hardcoded in, nor "moxi" or "muscl"
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    Bug - Not A Bug modifier maximizer hates pvp

    In my OP, I mention that it worked for neither "pvp fights" nor "fites". Even when selecting pvp fights from the dropdown. Would those be bugs? I shorten many other keywords without an issue, so it seemed to me that it is doing some sort of fuzzy matching. Is there like a substring match...
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    Bug - Not A Bug modifier maximizer hates pvp

    The tables are still ugly (I've heard that this may be a Java issue though) but it works fine. Just the maximizer hates it. So, I just tried using "maximize" and it gave me mixed results, I think. Typing "maximize fights" or "maximize pvp" gave me this error: Unable to meet all requirements...
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    Bug - Not A Bug modifier maximizer hates pvp

    So, about 3 days ago, my maximizer decided it didn't know what "pvp fights" were. It was working fine until then, but now it just says "Unrecognized keyword". Everything else I've tried works fine, but I can't get it to do PvP. "fites" gives the same error message. I tried running a debug log...
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    Bug - Fixed Can't open chat GUI if relay browser already chatting

    I think this might have broken who_clan(); I now get an NPE. Unexpected error, debug log printed. class java.lang.NullPointerException: null java.lang.NullPointerException at at...
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    raidlog override a la Dr. Evi1

    Okay, that's how I last had it described to me, and thus is the problem: the script doesn't know *when* banishes were performed. So in the edge cases (double vs none banish, or overwhelming monster majority and no banishes) the script has a decent chance at guessing but in the other...
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    raidlog override a la Dr. Evi1

    Since so many people have asked, I suppose I could do this for you folks. However, I am not aware of any such spading (and "more or less?" doesn't sound promising), so a link to a detailed (read: math) page on how this is determined would be lovely, since I cannot find this information on the wiki.
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    Feature CCS "unknown" or "unexpected"

    I'm not sure if something like this exists already, as I couldn't find it by searching and the mafia wiki page for CCS seems a little underdeveloped, but I would find it immensely useful for an [ unknown ] predicate in CCS. I imagine this would be fairly simple to implement - handle any monster...