Feature CCS "unknown" or "unexpected"


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I'm not sure if something like this exists already, as I couldn't find it by searching and the mafia wiki page for CCS seems a little underdeveloped, but I would find it immensely useful for an [ unknown ] predicate in CCS. I imagine this would be fairly simple to implement - handle any monster that mafia doesn't know - and would allow automated accounts to step up their game or alert the user or whatever.

Even more awesome would be [ unexpected ] which would trigger on any monster appearing out of its zone but with a few caveats:
  1. any unknown monster would trigger this, unless [ unknown ] is stated in the CCS separately.
  2. any arrow'd monster would be exempt
  3. teleportitis would render this null, except for potentially (1).
Though I imagine this would be a lot tougher to implement.

I've also been told that CCS can match on zone names and other things as well, but is there a concise thread somewhere detailing how precedence works for collisions? Or even just list that mentions all the various things that work?