Avoiding errors


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So, it's been a while since I've gotten under the hood of some good ASH. Last time, I remember try/finally being added, but my search-fu is weak and I'm not sure if this has been expanded at all.

So, my question. Is it possible to intercept an error in ASH and have the script go on? Or even other scripts? Basically, I have two scripts running: one manually activated in the CLI, and a chatbot script. When the chatbot script throws an error (even inside a try block) the CLI script also halts.

I'd really like it if the CLI script could... not be effected by errors elsewhere. Any ideas?


I'd have expected that the CLI should not be halted by a chatbot script.

Not long ago mafia's operations were altered so that the relay browser couldn't abort mafia's other processes. Perhaps chatbot scripts need the same treatment?

Another comment is that perhaps you should try to fix the chatbot so that it doesn't throw an error. There are all kinds of ways to stop that. Error catching methods and parameter checking are weapons in your arsenal so I suspect that this must be a tough one, but maybe we could help.