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  1. Bug - Fixed Switching server after login attempt
  2. Bug - Not A Bug Password Hash
  3. Bug - Fixed Display case count of M-242 incorrect in mafia
  4. Bug - Fixed skate park buttons don't reset upon ascension
  5. Bug - Fixed Pastamancer ghost summons incorrectly limited to 10 with new equipment worn
  6. Feature - Implemented Fortune Cookie Counter
  7. Bug - Fixed Incorrectly Tracking Depleted Grimacite Equipment
  8. Bug - Fixed Friar's blessing not correctly tracked when done via relay browser
  9. Bug - Fixed Nun's shouldn't take meat received from Thug, but mafia thinks they should
  10. Bug - Fixed Undesirable Fuzzy Matches
  11. Bug - Fixed Improper recognization of changes after freeing the king and recalling skills
  12. Feature - Implemented Buff rebalancing to ignore AT buffs
  13. Bug - Fixed I Love Me, Vol. I condition
  14. Feature - Implemented Extra default goals for pyramid
  15. Bug - Fixed demonName8 still not recognized
  16. Bug - Fixed mafia does not set the Typical Tavern quest as my last location.
  17. Bug - Not A Bug "DRINK ME" potion not recognized as an item
  18. Feature - Implemented Ed The Undying and CCS scripts
  19. Bug - Not A Bug Not using creepy grin?
  20. Bug - Fixed Unlock Guild doesn't work
  21. Bug - Fixed Looking Glass visit failure not detected
  22. Bug - Not A Bug He-Boulder ray counters disappear?
  23. Bug - Fixed Manual control not giving volcano map choice
  24. Bug - Fixed WORMRIDE disables autoattack
  25. Feature - Implemented preference for OSX dock badging
  26. Bug - Fixed Leaflet problem
  27. Bug - Not A Bug Mafia places [drink] and [eat] links in front of items like Ooze-O and U. Dumplings
  28. Bug - Fixed Semirare / Fortune Cookie Counter not working
  29. Bug - Fixed Seal-brain elixir's not being consumed
  30. Bug - Won't Fix Insult beer pong not all-automatic in mini browser
  31. Bug - Fixed SVN revision 8252 breaks mall
  32. Bug - Fixed Favorite Familiar conflict between relay browser and mafia window.
  33. Feature When an item is blocked by familiar, set it as the default 'use' item in the next rou
  34. Bug - Fixed In relay browser (auto) isn't working on non-combats
  35. Bug - Not A Bug Ten-leaf clovers not disassembled!
  36. Bug - Fixed Palinddome autoadventure
  37. Bug - Fixed Does not cast AT buff using the The Trickster's Trikitixa
  38. Bug - Fixed Saucecrafting tries to overcast for non-saucerors with Gravyskin Belt
  39. Bug - Fixed Unable to cook despite having Inigo running when out of turns
  40. Bug - Fixed ashref not correct for start() & end()
  41. Bug - Not A Bug Whenever I use spooky putty my auto-attack gets turned off
  42. Bug - Fixed Using /whitelist to switch clans in chat produces extra HTML
  43. Bug - Fixed Mafia thinks it's using ten leaf clovers whenever I put something into my DC
  44. Feature - Implemented Better alias display
  45. Bug - Fixed Please, Hammer overexuberant
  46. Bug - Fixed Ever increasing Depleted uranium seal figurines
  47. Bug - Fixed Relay browser. Can't sail away at the Travel Agency
  48. Feature - Implemented Adding Instant Karma to the ascension check list
  49. Bug extract_items() does not understand item names mangled by the sword behind
  50. Feature - Implemented removing attack-on-login
  51. Feature - Implemented Insult tracking, and Insult Beer Pong
  52. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Something recently wrong with Item Manager
  53. Bug - Fixed Parsing problems with Hobo Marketplace effects
  54. Bug - Fixed Thrust-smack not working
  55. Bug - Cannot Reproduce sometimes conditon recoginition is really broken
  56. Bug - Fixed Black cherry soda not listed among Restores in the Item Manager
  57. Bug - Fixed He-Boulder counters aren't colored in the relay browser (FF v3.6)
  58. Bug - Cannot Reproduce a lot of debug messages
  59. Bug - Not A Bug Familiar Trainer
  60. Bug - Fixed Blind Wumpus Killing
  61. Bug - Fixed Mood problem with jalapeno and jabanero saucesphere
  62. Feature - Rejected Mushroom Farming: Moon awareness
  63. Feature - Implemented Container support
  64. Bug - Fixed In relay browser - (auto) is too proactive!
  65. Bug - Fixed Wormride link in relay browser causes mood to be executed
  66. Bug - Not A Bug unable to fight gnomes riding lawnmowers in landscaper's map
  67. Bug - Fixed unable to see equipment inventory in mafia: down rabbit hole, landscaper's map(?)
  68. Bug - Cannot Reproduce bug log report - unsure of cause
  69. Bug - Fixed Retrieve all possible tower items even if you have a telescope
  70. Bug - Fixed Navel ring runaway success chance in relay browser can be over 100%
  71. Bug - Fixed Chocolate starter items not properly used
  72. Bug - Fixed Clicked "Resurect" and got Debug log printed.
  73. Bug - Not A Bug Map_to_file directory problem
  74. Bug - Won't Fix is_numeric() returns false for decimals.
  75. Bug - Fixed Discard link doesn't work in Mini-Browser
  76. Feature - Implemented Can we have the option to filter off-hands by type? (e.g. shields, melee weapons, etc
  77. Feature - Implemented Preference (opt-in) to automatically update prices on login/logout
  78. Feature - Rejected CLI matching too permissive
  79. Bug - Fixed Greater than Sign default goal
  80. Bug - Fixed mood fails to fire after counterScript
  81. Bug - Fixed guardians() gives blank page error if character has no turns left
  82. Bug - Fixed Bookshelf Skills Not Available in 8316
  83. Bug - Fixed Opening pastamancer volcano lair removes cultist robe
  84. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Losing track of spices
  85. Feature - Rejected Prevent use of more than 5? adv in the slime tube
  86. Feature - Implemented Track PM Carboloading for trophy/Prevent eating carb food while doing so.
  87. Feature - Implemented chessboardsCleared isn't yet implemented properly
  88. Feature - Implemented Cannot run Counter Script from automatic adventuring
  89. Feature - Implemented hottub not listed among HP restores.
  90. Bug - Fixed Wumpus Hunter color update and deduction issue
  91. Bug - Fixed bug report
  92. Bug - Fixed Ascension caches bad information
  93. Bug - Not A Bug Does not autobuy items from Hippy Store for crafting
  94. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Crash caused by Bedazzle?
  95. Bug - Not A Bug Me Being Annoying About Disable()
  96. Feature - Implemented gCLI to find out which rabbit hole hat buffs are available with current equipment
  97. Feature - Implemented Adventure consult function for choice adventures
  98. Bug - Fixed KoLmafia thinks it is round # but KoL thinks it is round #-1
  99. Bug - Fixed Can't ascend with no skill
  100. Feature - Rejected Expansion of right-click menu for Session Results.
  101. Feature - Rejected Meat-Producing Items
  102. Bug - Fixed Fail to decloset top floor tower items with a 6-piece telescope
  103. Bug - Fixed Defense missing for Monsters
  104. Bug - Fixed Lobster [I] qua [/I] Grill
  105. Feature Acquire necessary seal candles when summoning infernal seals
  106. Feature - Implemented Allow option to play a sound upon KoLmafia Chat message send/recieve
  107. Feature - Implemented How about an "afterBattleScript"?
  108. Bug - Not A Bug Mafia make Firefox lag out
  109. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Relay browser behaving oddly
  110. Bug - Fixed Item manager doesn't show hagnk'd food/booze at first in aftercore
  111. Bug - Fixed "8 any paper strip" goal works but produces unknown item messages
  112. Bug - Fixed [cosmetic] Empty sub-menus in familiar popup
  113. Bug - Fixed More nemesis multi-use problems - AT Fisherman's Sack rewards
  114. Bug - Not A Bug AutoOlfact Matches on TP Goth Giant Instead of the Goth Giant in the Castle
  115. Feature - Implemented Cancel from CCS edit
  116. Feature Function to Return Map of Locations Visited
  117. Bug - Not A Bug Modifier Maximizer tells me to equip sugar shields, even with no benefit
  118. Bug - Not A Bug Odd scrollback in Graphical CLI and (probably) chat
  119. Bug - Won't Fix Lobster qua Grill breaks clan stash in Mini-browser
  120. Bug - Fixed Bad Checkpoint interaction with relay browser
  121. Bug - Fixed Slimy Shoulders not properly recognized
  122. Bug - Not A Bug Monster Hit Chance
  123. Feature - Implemented Removing/changing items attached to messages
  124. Feature - Implemented Display turns needed to craft
  125. Feature - Rejected Extended Mushroom Plot?
  126. Feature - Implemented Localhost referrer blocked
  127. Bug - Fixed Mood aborts after canticle of carboloading
  128. Feature - Implemented Add num_drops() (or analogue) to ASH
  129. Feature Stop nagging me about Spaghettihosen
  130. Bug - Not A Bug KolMafia Resets settings
  131. Bug - Cannot Reproduce rainbow gravitation subtracts when it can't be cast
  132. Bug - Not A Bug wiki link doesn't work for certain panes
  133. Feature - Implemented Include variable/scaling monsters in monster stat functions
  134. Bug - Fixed Clicking on player name in private chat window not bringing up profile
  135. Bug - Fixed The Barrel Full of Barrels + Oyster Eggs
  136. Bug - Fixed Pre quest Tavern selection
  137. Feature - Implemented option to sort by quantity when adding stuff to mall store?
  138. Bug - Fixed Trying to shore with nearly-out fortune cookie counter clears the counter
  139. Bug - Not A Bug Macintosh version does not follow alias to KoLmafia settings subdirectory
  140. Feature - Implemented Bugged Beanie/Balaclava/Bonnet Squezing
  141. Feature - Implemented visit_url() and POST arrays
  142. Bug - Fixed Incomplete parsing of cathedral battle
  143. Bug - Fixed Baby Bugged Bugbear's cleesh message isn't logged
  144. Feature - Rejected open Professor Jacking's lab in a new page instead of reloading inventory
  145. Bug - Fixed "No Skill" option not working.
  146. Feature - Implemented vial of slime retrieval method within mafia?
  147. Feature Add Choice Adv control for Reflection of a map
  148. Feature - Implemented Add Legendary Beat to the Daily Deeds pane
  149. Bug - Fixed tiny fly glasses give +1 Familiar Experience, not Experience
  150. Feature counter for Mayflower Bouquet Drops?
  151. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Lost Preferences - Reset to Default
  152. Bug - Fixed Mafia Chat message link not working
  153. Bug - Fixed Mafia still thinks I am in BM
  154. Bug - Fixed Incorrect power listed for Elder Turtle Shell (and maybe other Epic Hats)
  155. Bug - Not A Bug Mafia fails to reset daily limits after session timeout + rollover
  156. Bug - Fixed can't equip bugged balaclava
  157. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Clownosity Problem
  158. Bug - Fixed launch_ui() doesn't do anything?
  159. Feature - Rejected Allow for ASH-callbacks to be called after every adventure, or specific encounters
  160. Feature - Implemented Can't buff and equip familiar to reach 20 lbs.
  161. Bug - Fixed +meat drop rises to infinite upon login
  162. Feature - Rejected Low Priority: Make all daily reset settings use the _ prefix
  163. Feature - Implemented On Ascend
  164. Bug - Won't Fix Unexpected error while doing rave pickpocket
  165. Bug - Not A Bug 17-alarm Saucepan should not add 5% meat drop
  166. Feature - Implemented Knob Goblin Chef drops spatula too
  167. Bug - Fixed Baby Bugged Bugbear visits the arena...
  168. Feature Holiday Bliss in daily deeds
  169. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Tattered scrap battleAction
  170. Bug - Fixed Changing clan member rank/titles improperly url-encodes titles
  171. Bug - Not A Bug adventure.php lag in relay browser
  172. Bug - Fixed create Staff of the Short Order Cook buys ice-cold Willer, not ice-cold Sir Schlitz
  173. Bug - Won't Fix Atomic buy+use command
  174. Feature - Rejected Better MP restore Math or Fuzzier Goal MP
  175. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Bugged Bugbear & auto-blackbird problem
  176. Bug - Fixed Missing Kidney has a regular removal link
  177. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Level 10 Council link messes up topbar
  178. Feature - Implemented Add HP/MP regen to modifier maximizer
  179. Bug - Won't Fix Prolonged network outage causes high memory (and CPU) usage
  180. Bug - Not A Bug disturbing fan fiction is 1 powder, twinkly/sleazy
  181. Bug - Fixed Conditions for hedge maze not showing up in GUI
  182. Bug - Fixed Wiki lookup and alternate names for identified slime vials fail
  183. Feature Hide Raveosity/Clownosity when not relevant
  184. Bug - Fixed Buttons in Item Manager get wrong focus
  185. Feature - Implemented Add "pasta guardian" as item_type()
  186. Bug - Cannot Reproduce slime potion problem
  187. Feature - Rejected disambiguation when feeding familiars
  188. Bug - Fixed 'Again' button goes to oasis after using boba fettucini
  189. Feature - Implemented When dolphins steal things in the sea..
  190. Feature - Implemented Start a "Zombo's Eye Recharge" counter when using the Eye in combat
  191. Bug - Won't Fix java problem
  192. Bug - Fixed Issues logging fight with BRICKO gargantuchicken
  193. Bug - Fixed beefy bodyguard bat has wrong defense
  194. Feature - Rejected remove warning in the boss bat lair while the boss bat is banished
  195. Bug - Fixed Crash, Bug, Ouch!
  196. Feature - Implemented Request for a couple more modifiers -- 1) DB bonus damage, and 2) Pickpocket chance
  197. Bug - Not A Bug disallow familiar equipment on blackbird in run, please!
  198. Feature - Implemented Chat command doesn't work in loathing chat
  199. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Clicked on "Adventure Again twice, got debug log.
  200. Feature Supporting Combat Macros in CCS
  201. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Second Multi doesn't summon all items
  202. Feature Destination choices for Sailing for Vigin Booty in relay
  203. Bug - Fixed Kol Macros not progressing flypaper completion
  204. Feature - Implemented Open aborts during adventures in the relay browser.
  205. Bug - Fixed Mafia doesn't seem to be tracking damage by green BRICKO bricks properly
  206. Bug - Won't Fix Error while running an Ash script.
  207. Feature - Implemented Allow maximize to adjust for food, booze, etc.
  208. Bug - Not A Bug Inaccurate Monster stats?
  209. Bug - Fixed The Barrel Full of Barrels help?
  210. Bug - Fixed Flyers in combat macros
  211. Feature Preselect Familiar Equipment
  212. Bug - Not A Bug Unultrahydrated
  213. Feature - Implemented Add Remains of a jilted mistress
  214. Feature Outfit at The Hippy Produce Stand
  215. Feature - Implemented Display survivability data on monsters
  216. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Can't visit Outside the Club
  217. Bug - Not A Bug Adventures not including bonus rollover adventures from Clan furniture
  218. Feature Dance Card [ballroom] link
  219. Bug - Not A Bug my_turncount() VS turns_played()... FIGHT!
  220. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Outfits bug?
  221. Bug - Not A Bug 'hsshield00gb'
  222. Feature - Implemented Bonehead Steel Organ Protection
  223. Feature Pyramid Awareness of Wheel State in Relay
  224. Bug - Fixed Inigo cast silent fail due to max casts per day
  225. Bug - Fixed Looking in crystal orb switches guardians
  226. Feature KolDB and Mafia Chat
  227. Bug - Fixed Mafia double-counts certain meat expenditures
  228. Bug - Fixed Ns hp
  229. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Richard's star key
  230. Bug Gremlin Incorrect
  231. Feature Lemon Party Slot
  232. Bug - Fixed PM 3rd Nem Door does not autoselect
  233. Bug - Fixed adorable seal larva doesn't take enemy hp on hit (it's a mosquito)
  234. Bug - Fixed CCS only being executed every other round!
  235. Feature - Rejected Knob Goblin Perfume warning
  236. Bug - Cannot Reproduce Coin Masters?
  237. Feature Binging for stocking mimic
  238. Feature - Rejected Easier MCD change
  239. Bug - Fixed Crown of Thrones messing with familiars
  240. Bug - Fixed Vial of brown slime flagged as multi-usable
  241. Bug - Not A Bug Macro Aborted: 37 instructions (In a row?!) executed without any actions being taken
  242. Feature - Rejected Save mini browser size
  243. Bug - Fixed Hobopolis boss drops awarded to clan are being added to my inventory after fight
  244. Feature Only RKoL?
  245. Feature - Rejected Return Item(s) needed for Making
  246. Feature - Implemented Extending CLI message on semi-rare counter expiration break.
  247. Bug - Fixed divine item not acquireable?
  248. Bug Unequip an offhand item
  249. Feature - Implemented Display improvement to relay interface drop-down list.
  250. Bug - Fixed Creepy clown - wrong element