Bug Report Procedures (please read me)


Bug Reports

Before posting a bug report, please follow these steps:

1) Double-check for user-error first. No offense intended, but it happens a lot. Please note that any errors from using a script should be reported in that script's thread, not here.

2) Please try to reproduce the bug in a recent daily build.

3) Please search through this forum to see if the bug has already been reported; if so, please add your information to the existing thread.

4) Please make sure your bug report includes the following:

a) Please use the "Bug" prefix (selected from the drop-down at the top of the post editing area).

b) Please mention which version of KoLmafia you are using (viewable in the program title bar, or by going to the Help (menu) -> Copyright Notice).

c) Please include a summary of steps one could take to produce the bug.

d) If the bug generated a debug log, please include this as an attachment in the post (Manage Attachments (button) below the main post area).

Feature Requests

Please follow these steps before posting a new feature request:

1) Double-check by using the "Search" feature here and on the KoLmafia Wiki to see if the feature is already available or requested.

2) If the feature is not yet available, but has been requested, please post in the existing thread.

3) Please include a brief summary of why you think the requested feature would be useful. Please note that features of use to a larger number of players are more likely to be considered than those that would only help one or two individuals.

4) Please make sure to select the "Feature" prefix for your post.

Regarding Older Posts

In an effort to make things easier on the developers, some of the "minions" are going through existing bug reports and feature requests and "closing" them. We are trying to err on the side of caution, and will post a summary of why said posts are closed as a reply, but there is still a chance we may close a few that are still relevant. If so, please "bump" the thread and we will likely re-open it.

For Bug Reports, we will only close threads where information was requested and not provided. For Feature Requests we may be a bit more liberal; if an alternative was given using CLI / ASH commands and no further posters added their desire for the feature to exist, it will be marked as "Rejected." If you can find other players who would desire said feature, feel free to have them "bump" the thread and it will likely be re-opened.


Please Note!

Please keep in mind that the developers are volunteering their time to create the program we all love and enjoy. Verbally bashing the program (and by extent, the programmers) by referring to the program's behavior as "annoying" or "aggravating" or similar adjectives is likely to piss them off, and for good reason. Please remember to be polite to the people who have put in countless hours out of their limited free time to give us such a useful tool.

b) Please mention which version of KoLmafia you are using (viewable in the program title bar, or by going to the Help (menu) -> Copyright Notice).

Also typing "version" (without the quotes) in the CLI will print your KoLMafia version info in an easy to copy and paste manner.