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You're welcome, though you might want to check the include - it's got "import <fluxxlib.ash>" instead of "import <corelib.ash>" like the old one did.
I appreciate the heads up on my Superdrinks script. Ihad made a tweak before and forgot to upload the new version.
Thanks, but no it isn't. It's been honestly stolen from the internet (do a google for "rabbit stealing cookie" and you'll find plenty of versions of it). I found it a while ago and fell in love with it :)
hi there,
Just wondering how I would go about getting last version of zlib.ash (v.34) as my kol mafia is playing up with this last v.35. Thanks Gordon
The name "heeheehee" made me laugh the first time I saw it. I don't know if it is meant to be funny... but there you go!
Question - Regarding the 14 day HC AT ascension using bumcheekcity's script, did you use a script for inventory control? (Selling stuff, eating, drinkingg, spleening, ...)
I would like to send you some meat for making the great mall script. I'll be using it often. What is your username, and how much meat would you like (I'll go up to 5,000. Maybe 7,500)?
Happy Birthday! I haven't been playing much of KoL lately, so I haven't been reading the forums, but I logged in and mafia said it's your birthday, so I hope it's a good one for you :D
This. Could you please add "KoLmafia Forums" to the end of thread page titles? So that instead of, say, Cooking confusion lol - , I can see Cooking confusion lol - KoLmafia Forums.
Butter: Because you are obviously so knowledgeable, wise, and kind...
No, really.
Is there any way to tell this KoLmafia forum to change the amount of time it waits before logging me out? It has been happening to me a lot lately while I'm reading or responding. I'd rather not tell it to "Remember Me" when I login. Please, do you know of a way to change the automatic logout time? I really have looked and looked.
Thanks a lot.

EDIT: Um, I meant to send a private message. :D Wow. I'd delete this if I could, and send a private message.