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For your case, is there a reason to make the filenames user-configurable?

I use the same cleanup file (OCDdata_shared.txt) for all my multis.

I still think it's possible to work around the problem. I could pass an empty string as the default value to setvar(), then use the player's name if getvar() returns an empty string. Unfortunately, my hands are full, so I can't test the idea right now.

P.S. If you do remove vars, could you provide an alternative way to programmatically modify a variable? I could call cli_execute("zlib somevar = newvalue") but it's rather clunky and slow.

I have recently acquired an effect (intrinsic): Dad, though, so my coding time is quite limited at the moment.

Congratulations, and thank you for contributing to the sum of humankind!


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I did as you asked and found "vars[" in quite a few scripts that I've accumulated over the years. Some of them are minor but EatDrink is not.
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Okay, over the last several days I've taken this list on as a project. Some of these scripts (namely Rinn's and soolar's) were hosted on github, so I submitted pull requests (which have already been merged).
  • FamiliarDrops
  • AcquireBuff
  • flavour

Some of these scripts (Theraze's) were already using vars correctly:
  • TheSea
  • EatDrink (note the commit notes for r55)

Some of these scripts I can't fix because I couldn't find them on the forums:
  • lib_markup
  • auto_restore
  • spellKill
  • LevelUpRewrite (found LevelUp, but it's so obsolete that it requires... a rewrite)
  • corelib

Some of these scripts appear obsolete:
  • profit_fx
  • DAM
  • autoBasement (Is this still in use? My copy from when I went basementing years ago is very different from the current one in the forums but I could bump this down to the below category if useful.

For the rest, I have created edited versions which use getvar(). My next question is what to do about them. Should I necro all the related threads with attachments? Should I ask a person with forum admin powers to replace the attachments in first posts rather than necro these old threads? Open to suggestions.


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I used autoBasement last year, so there's one data point.

The topic of maintaining old scripts would probably belong to this thread. Abandoned projects could be moved to Github under the LASS org to allow multiple people to contribute. Admittedly, contacting people who no longer play is often difficult, and licensing becomes a problem.