We're moving from SourceForge to GitHub!


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After over 15 years developing KoLmafia using SVN and hosting it on SourceForge, the developer team has decided to move the source code and development to git and host it on GitHub. You can already find us over at https://github.com/kolmafia (with the main repository located at https://github.com/kolmafia/kolmafia) as we prepare the transition.

What's going to happen?

Our goal is to make the SVN repository read-only and check that the new repository contains all the changes and we're comfortable with the migration. This changeover will happen on the 26th of September 2021.

How does it affect me?

Once everything is up and running, if you just download prebuilt jars, you'll not notice the difference. Yay science.

If you prefer to build KoLmafia from source, you'll need to set up git on your machine and pull from our new repository location.

If you write patches for KoLmafia, you'll need to register for an account on GitHub - if you don't already have one. Making changes with git involves "forking" the repository, creating a new branch, adding any number of commits with your changes to that branch and then creating a "Pull Request" (with a title, description and link to any relevant issue on this forum) that we "pull" the changes from your branch into the main KoLmafia repository release branch. Discussion around your proposed changes will happen as comments on that Pull Request and your PR will be marked one of "accepted", "changes requested" or (rarely) "rejected".

We will continue to track issues on this forum, pending a review once the GitHub workflow is established. However, we will no longer accept patches submitted via the forum and change discussion should be kept as much as possible to the relevant Pull Request(s).

While we recommend moving your development process to git, GitHub offers an alternative method of interacting with its hosted repositories via an SVN client.

Why git?
  • The addition of a "staging area" as well as better branching and merging make it easier for us to work on bigger changes
  • Users and potential developers are increasingly more familiar with it vs SVN
  • Many of the core developer team personally prefer using it!
Why GitHub?
  • GitHub offers a lot of opportunities for new developers to get involved posting Pull Requests (instead of patch files) that can easily be reviewed line by line and appear next to the output of our unit testing and other CI (continuous integration) information.
  • We can streamline the way the core developer team can review eachothers code through Pull Requests.
  • SourceForge is unreliable and minimally maintained.
Aaaaaah!!!!!! Some of the core developer team are going to be online at the same time making sure everything is working properly before we finalize the changes. If we complete the process and you are still experiencing issues, please post in the Bug Reports forum. We'll probably miss something.

Thank you everyone for your support and we look forward to seeing you over on GitHub!


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I put a note into SourceForge linking here. There's also a "moved to" link when the time comes.

And I found Shwei's ancient homepage again. Not sure if it has anything worth salvaging, but it's an interesting historical artifact: https://kolmafia.sourceforge.io


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