PL-skills.ash - Track your skill perms and decide which to perm next


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For about a decade, I've maintained a skill tracker website where you can enter your KoL user name or paste in your skills list from your profile to compare your list of skills to the KoL Wiki's Hardcore Skills Analysis page.

As most of us know, that page has fallen pretty badly out of date, so a new data source has recently been implemented using the Ascension Speed Show's spreadsheet, and now there's a KoLMafia script for populating it in a much more efficient way than before.

This script works similarly to the snapshot scripts (Run and get a link to a web site), but it allows you to see your permed skills in a tiered structure so you can make intelligent decisions about which skills to perm next.

The script is maintained on GitHub ( ).

You can install it by typing:
svn checkout

At the end of script execution, it will give you a URL you can go to which will show your permed skills in a tiered manner. There's an optional link within that page to look at the KoL Wiki Hardcore Skills Analysis version of the tiers as well.

You do not have to be in aftercore in order to run this script, and it will detect invisible skills like Summon Lovebugs as well.
EDIT: See comments #2 and #3 below - Best advice is to run this in aftercore because it might not find your Tomes/Librams and skills like Perfect Freeze if you're in a standard run.

If you have any issues or suggestions, please open an issue on GitHub or Kmail PlasitcLobster (#1919839).

Update March 19, 2019:
The site has been redesigned from the ground up. Should be mobile-friendly now in case you want to have it open on your phone while you're making your decision on your computer.

It now keeps track of the KoL user who submitted it and gives you two links when you run it... One will take you to the latest run for your user, the other will be a direct link to that specific run.
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You do not have to be in aftercore in order to run this script, and it will detect invisible skills like Summon Lovebugs as well.

In a Standard ascension, some older skills don't show up on charsheet.php, the most commonly bug-reported one being Perfect Freeze. The only way to see that in-run is using showplayer.php, and only if your skills are public.

I can see how that probably isn't an important issue for deciding what skills you should perm (if you're in a Standard ascension, then you are probably regularly in one), but someone will probably be surprised by it eventually.


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This is the problem I was running into on the old way of accessing the site as well... If you pasted your skills, none of your tomes/librams would come through (Since they don't appear on charsheet.php), but if you hit your own profile through showplayer.php (and your skills were public) the tomes/librams would come through. This kind of created the requirement of the KoLMafia script, since I can find things like Lovebugs, which don't appear in either showplayer.php or charsheet.php.

That said, I think my way of detecting the tomes/librams in the mafia script will need to be changed to check both the skills (which is what I currently do and probably isn't standard-safe) as well as check showplayer.php to get the best chance of detecting them for people in-run.

Best advice is probably going to be to tell people to wait until aftercore to run this, though. I was under the impression that the "Show skills you can't currently use" section was fully inclusive, but that doesn't seem to be the case with things like Perfect Freeze.

Thanks again for the input.

Edit: One glimmer of hope is that the ASS spreadsheet is focused on Standard, so people who are religiously following it for perm order may never notice this issue.
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This is a neat idea. I wish something like this was around (or if it was, I wish I knew about it) when I needed this. I think it would have made lifeuch easier for those early ascending days when it was difficult to figure out exactly what I wanted next.


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Incredibly minor request, but could the link it outputs be made clickable? cc-snapshot does it if you need an example of how that works.
I really like this script. It saved me from juggling with google sheets to keep tabs on my perm plan.

Feature request: Would it be possible to highlight seasonal (standard restricted) skills? Just having a different bgcolor for out-of-season would be great. A set of color codes based on # of years until expiry would be even better (e.g. #99ffff for 3 years remaining, #ccffcc for 2 years, #ffff99 for 1 year, and #ccffff for expired).
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