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I still have a lot to learn on making the whole setup for distribution, but I tested and this works for me at least:

svn checkout

Any doubts and suggestions can be post here or send me a KMail as well.

This tells a lot about your pizza before you bake it, should be self explanatory once set up.

Update is live, now with effect list prediction:

Still undergoing, this list represents all effects in the game, so some of them might not be obtainable.

Updated: now with search and first letter filters!

Update 27/02/2020:
- New PRO interface, might be too heavy for now, next step is trying to optimize it, but it's a lot better for pizza makers out there, enjoy!
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The existence of this relay script actually got me to use the pizza oven. It was just a bit too opaque and fiddly before you wrote this. Would you entertain a feature request: in a Plumber run I'm mostly concerned with either turn generation or increasing a stat. Would you be open to coding an option to have the script pick, for example: best adventure gain pizza for stat X?

Thanks again.


Gausie and I are working on Mafia support for effect tags (good, bad, neutral)/nowish/nohookah, etc.

If anyone has any large amounts of session logs with Hookah and/or Crazy Horse use, send me a PM on Discord/here/ingame. It's easier if I send you the current file of unique effects we've already scraped, which is about 1300 effects in total.

The python script is:

import os

effect_precursor = [
  # Hookah
  "perhaps in addition to giving you cancer",
  # Crazy Horse
  "inhale some. It makes you feel... different.",
  "draws out your latent power.",
  "his loco weed with you.",
  "gagging sounds, and coughs up a potion",
  "deep in the dark recesses of your brain..."
  "ear! Gah, it's ice-cold! And...",
  "suddenly you remember a buff that you'd",

dir = "C:\\Users\\ASUS\\Desktop\\sessions" # This is your full path for your session logs. Remember to escape back slashes with another backslash, as in the example
with open(dir + "\\hookah_effects.txt") as h:
    hookah_data = set(h.readlines())
for filename in os.listdir(dir):
    with open(filename) as f:
        for line in f:
            if any(substring in line for substring in effect_precursor):
                raw_string = next(f)
                raw_string = raw_string[23:-5]
                hookah_data.add(raw_string + "\n")

outputfile = open("hookah_effects.txt", "w")


Got an unexpected result making pizza:

You baked a pizza!
Ingredients: {313,1777,6017,594}
[0] Crown of the Goblin King
[1] leftovers of indeterminate origin
[2] orcish nailing lube
[3] amulet of extreme plot significance
Effect turns:
Special features:
Possible effects:
Initials considered:[cloa]
Effect:Cloak of Shadows Id:2453
You acquire an item: diabolic pizza
You acquire an item: sonar-in-a-biscuit
You acquire an item: Duskwalker syringe
You acquire an item: glark cable
You gain 14 Adventures
You acquire an effect: Closer to Fine (21)
You gain 3 Fullness

Looks like Cloak of Shadows may be Dark Gyffte specific (I'm in standard at the moment).