Nemesis quest script


It looks like Pastamancers are going to need a tweak too. I'm stuck in a Yearbook Camera run right now, so it's going to be some time before I'm a PM again.


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I am curious to see how that quest works now for PMs. You used to find an item which grew into a Pasta Guardian - and you could store the old one in your crystal orb of spirit wrangling, if you had one - but now, the crystal orb says "This is a thing that doesn't really do anything anymore." when you try to use it.

Huh. If you use the decoded cult documents:

You acquire a skill: Bind Spaghetti Elemental


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Yep, you use that one I think. I think the more interesting one is the end-fight for saucerors which, as stated in the release notes, may be unwinable at the moment...


You seem to be requiring a two-handed club for the Seal Clubbers. I assume this is because until recently, clubbers needed 2-handers to hit?

(btw, thank you for this script)


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I'm getting the following error message: (but battle action is currently set to attack with weapon). Don't know what to do...


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Regarding zopiate's error: try changing to use WHAM or a CCS instead of just attack with weapon.

Script request: Could we maybe fix up the pastamancer quest a bit? After we get the decoded notes, we abort instead of using them because we're still dealing with the crystal. We also use the crystal for validation rather than the new thrall commands, which is probably why it will try to farm another 5 cult-bits. Even if it aborts and makes us get spaghetti to level 3 ourselves (though it should be able to use the same basic farming that it did before for that), it would be a nice improvement.


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Are you currently in the 'wait 100 turns until you get the map' phase? Either set the farm location to something besides the non-existent Giant Castle (top floor) or adventure somewhere better until you have the map, then re-run the script.
Oh, if you're a Seal Clubber, make sure you don't have 'Spiky Shell' up.

For some reason I couldn't shrug it off. I had to use a SGEE to remove it. Mafia said it was shrugging it off (when I did a right click and "remove" in the skills tab), but it didn't go away and it didn't try to use the eyedrops on it.


Did you ever get around to tweaking the PM run? I get the error
Using 1 crystal orb of spirit wrangling...
Finished using 1 crystal orb of spirit wrangling.
You have a Pasta Guardian with you and a Pasta Guardian in the Crystal orb of spirit wrangling. Please take the one you wish to discard out and use the decoded cult documents before running the script again.
Unable to establish a link with a Spaghetti Elemental.

I have summoned the Spaghetti Elemental, but the script keeps trying to use the orb, and there's no way to get it out of inventory.


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As a Seal Clubber the script checks the Passive Damage page on the wiki for sources of passive damage. It them builds map and checks the contents of that map against the results of a maximize command to exclude sources of passive damage from buffs and equipment.

The script insisted on equipping Hand in Glove because it wasn't listed on the wiki page. I added it to the page. No luck. I edited the nemesis passive damage file in the KoLMafia data directory. No luck. Logged out and then back in. No luck.

Throwing all Hand in Gloves into the closet works around the problem.

Any thoughts on what I might have missed?


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You missed the part where the 'smart' reading of the wiki page got commented out and a manually created list, nemesis_passive_damage_sources.txt, was used instead. :)


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Running as a Pastamancer. It is using the orb of spirit wrangling which no longer plays a part in summoning or status and it wasn't consistently detecting that I had summoned the spaghetti elemental manually. It seemed to want to get documents even after they had been decoded and it did not stop on the robe, equip it and continue. No big deal but if the scripts is still being supported, there is work that could be done. Thanks.