My personal Meat farming script


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I've also been experiencing the same issues but it keeps switching up with Hodgeman's Blanket I think? I just go run eatdrink and move on. I'll see if I can capture what's going on the next time I run it.


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My recollection is that it tries to eat a cup of stew, fails to do so because of character level and then aborts rather than trying a different food.


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Today for the first time, it got hung up immediately on the Tin cup of mulligan stew, which it wanted to drink right away. And since I was level 13, not 15, it couldn't and that caused it to fail out.

I put that item in vcon and excluded it, so I could continue, but is there something that automatically detects that I am not high enough level to take the consumable requested? If that's already coded, did we break it?
Excluding it in vcon works - but vcon itself should exclude items with level requirements you don't meet.
That should be easy enough. I'll look into it.


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Had an odd thing happen today with this script but unfortunately the session log didn't capture the relevant information. I happened to be watching the gCLI when the issue occurred so here's a reconstruction:
  • Adventuring as normal in Barf Mountain, when the available adventures hit zero
  • Paranormal activity reported at The Haunted Wine Cellar.
  • One fullness was left but the script consumed no food
  • Errors endlessly repeating in the gCLI stating that there were no adventures left
  • Hit the escape key
  • Ate something
I then restarted the script and it ran to completion. At a guess the logic for handling paranormal activity superseded the logic that would have normally taken over and consumed a one fullness food.