Bug Items with numbers in their names break the maximizer

For example, if we use KoL Con 13 Snowglobe, it will see the 13 and think we are starting a new bonus or modifier, rather than it being part of the name, and will thus match to `kol con` and break the rest of the maximizer string
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I can't quite seem to make that work with the bonus keyword: both "69 bonus pantogram pants" and 69 "bonus pantogram pants" seemed to fail.

It'll also run into trouble with items that have quotes in the name, but that's a small enough set that I think using the pilcrow system is fine.

Either way, this is super helpful--thanks!
Yeah, appears to not work with assigning bonuses
Maximizer: meat, 130 bonus "Kol Con 13 Snowglobe"
["kol    con] cannot be equipped.
Maximizer: meat, +"130 bonus Kol Con 13    Snowglobe"
Unrecognized keyword: 130 bonus kol    con 13 snowglobe


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Hm. It should be 69 "bonus pantogram pants" but you say that didn't work for you. I can't reproduce on my end, though, as that works for me with or without the quotes.

Similarly, it should be +130 "bonus kol con 13 snowglobe"-- note that you should only quote the keyword, not the weight.