Bug semi-colons in maximizer strings


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With replica items now existing, it has become necessary to put full names of certain items into the maximizer in order for the maximizer to not fail and equip "random" stuff instead of what is intended. However, some of the names that require their full name in the maximizer contain semi-colons, and the problem with that is semi-colons are also the delimiter for maximizerMRUList. So a string like item,equip kramco sausage-o-matic™,equip lucky gold ring will become 2 different strings in the UI, as can be seen from the attached.


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That's why I've been having such trouble with that item. It seemed to work correctly with "Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™". It didn't help that the maximizer doesn't tell me why it failed, but that code is pretty complex.


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As a short-term workaround, you can specify e.g. ¶10058 for the sausage-o-matic (or similarly use the pilcrow to specify any other item by ID).