In bees hate you path, the guide makes the following errors:
*suggests you collect bastille rewards, impossible in bees hates you
*suggests you set songboom boombox song, impossible in bees hates you
*suggests you use frobozz real-estate company instant house, impossible in bees hates you
*suggests you do the island war side quests for arena and junkyard, both of which cannot be done in bees hate you path
*suggests you get 3 a boo clues and use them with res, however they are unusuable as of February 18, 2013 update (they were initially usable in this path).
*suggests you olfact red butler and use glark cables (which it drops) in combat in the red zepplin, however glark cables cannot be used in bees hates you
*suggests you acquire disposable instant camera at haunted bedroom, and then suggests you use it on racecar bob in palindrome (it cannot be used in bees hate you)
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On 2CRS it estimates turns for the nuns wrong. there is a hard cap of 1000 meat per fight, so the nuns take 100 turns
additionally, orchard quest is impossible in 2CRS


"Creepy Grin" combat skill from equipping the "V for Vivala mask" is missing from the free runaway block in the resources section.


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Until Ezandora updates the script please comment out the following code block, in relay\relay_Guide.ash:

    if (mmg_my_bets().count() > 0)
		random_messages.listAppend("win some, lose some");
    if (mmg_my_bets().count() > 0)
		random_messages.listAppend("win some, lose some");

The gCLI error supplies the line number. In my case it was line 36539.
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And the decision to remove the mmg functions rather than deprecate them was deliberate and mine, so I hope this does not cause too much inconvenience.


Lightning rounds!!

* Forest Friars Buffs are unobtainable in Community Service
* Guide doesn't consider the high effectiveness of your Campsite Away from your Campsite for free rests; displays the power of your normal Campsite's regeneration, and brings you to it when clicking on Free Rests
*January garbage tote (more of a "could be implemented" than a "bug that should be fixed"...): Guide still thinks you have access to the remaining charges of your garbage shirt and broken wine glass from the previous day, before your first swap, even if it's not the one(s) you kept through rollover. Guide should also suggest that you do your first swap of the day if the remaining charges of the item you kept (if shirt or glass (or even tree?)) are fully depleted.
* Could mention Stooper instead of "Can Overdrink", if you have it?
* Guide still suggests burning delay in the Hidden Apartment, if the NC was obtained through clara's bell/sneakisol.
* Guide could suggest burning delay in the zone you need to go to get in your guild (5 turns since you received the task).
* Same with the Haunted Kitchen, since opening drawers still occurs with free fights.
* Cat burglar heists don't work on A-boo clues.

Also, maybe implementing a way to make the sections collapsible?? That'd be dope UwU


In Community Service, the "target" stat for the stat acts of community service is set to <your base stat>+1800, which would reduce the turns needed to 0 (60 - (30*60)). Being impossible (minimum of 1), it should instead be <your base stat>+1770 (60 - (30*59))


Ascend as a Hardcore Male Sauceror under the Wallaby sign on a Community Service path, banking 42 Karma.
Loading character status...
Preference lastKingLiberation changed from 117 to 118
Preference kingLiberated changed from true to false
Division by zero (relay_Guide.ash, line 49854)
at generateChecklists (relay_Guide.ash:38037)
at runMain (relay_Guide.ash:51320)
at main (relay_Guide.ash:51547)

Refreshing session data...
Synchronizing moon data...
Loading character status...
Retrieving character data...
Preference lastVioletFogMap changed from 117 to 118
Preference lastSemirareReset changed from 117 to 118
Preference semirareCounter changed from 564 to 0
Preference semirareLocation changed from Burnbarrel Blvd. to
Preference lastDwarfFactoryReset changed from 117 to 118
Preference lastGuyMadeOfBeesReset changed from 117 to 118
Preference lastPirateInsultReset changed from 117 to 118
Preference lastBangPotionReset changed from 117 to 118
Preference lastSlimeVial3891 changed from moxiousness to
Preference lastSlimeVial3892 changed from eyesight to
Preference lastSlimeVial3895 changed from slimeform to
Preference lastSkateParkReset changed from 117 to 118
Preference lastCellarReset changed from 117 to 118
Updating inventory...
Examining Meat in closet...
Updating closet...
Retrieving quest data...
Preference questM05Toot changed from unstarted to started
Retrieving familiar data...
New message received from The Loathing Postal Service.

Familiar data retrieved.
Retrieving campground data...
Unexpected error, debug log printed.
Script execution aborted (java.lang.NullPointerException): (relay_Guide.ash, line 2734)

View attachment DEBUG_20191202.txt
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When attempting to load the script from from the -run script- dropdown in the relay browser, the guide doesn't load and I get this error in the CLI:

Function 'my_path_id()' overrides a library function. (relay_Guide.ash, line 2447)


oh, wow, didn't even realize that her my_path_id() function returned an int, not a string.
This legit makes fixing this way easier (as you just showed)


Update released. Kind of incomplete, but has a new resource bar and show/hide buttons.


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Script execution aborted (java.lang.NullPointerException): (relay_Guide.ash, line 3255)

Started getting this error after using the emotion chip