Bug - Not A Bug current_pvp_stances().count() == 0


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ash current_pvp_stances( )

Returned: aggregate int [string]

ash current_pvp_stances( ).count()

Returned: 0

Until very recently, this used to have twelve strings inside, but now does not? The pvp season is still active, and I can't think of another reason for this to happen.

Reproduced both with a fresh release (26415) and with a release from about a week ago (26402).
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I assume you have not yet broken your Hippy Stone?

We go to "peeveepee.php?place=fight" to check stances, but until you break your stone, no stances will be displayed.


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Show me a DEBUG log.

Log in.
Open the gCLI.
debug on
ash current_pvp_stances()
debug off
Post the log.


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I just tested this. I have no interest in participating in PvP this season, but I figured I could break my hippy stone, try this out, and then ascend.

I caught it all in a DEBUG log:

Before breaking my hippy stone:

> ash current_pvp_stances()
(Requesting: peevpee.php?place=fight)
(Response says I need to break my hippy stone)

Returned: aggregate int [string]

I broke my hippy stone <- You don't get to see stances if you haven't done this.
I pledged to a clan <- You don't get to see stances until you do this.

> ash current_pvp_stances()

Returned: aggregate int [string]
Bilge Hunter => 1
Death to Ninja! => 4
Dressed in Rrrags => 11
Karmic Battle => 6
Letter of the Moment => 2
Liver of the Damned => 5
Most Murderous => 8
Pirate Wars! => 3
Purrrity => 7
Scurvy Challenge => 0
Smellin' Like a Stinkin' Rose => 10
Thirrrsty forrr Booze => 9

I see no bug.

Perhaps PeeVeePee request could give an informative message if:
- You haven't broken your stone
- You haven't pledged to a clan.

but nothing has changed in KoLmafia's ability to parse pvp stances.