Chamois - Use it automatically!


I have no idea. I suspect you're not following the instructions in the first post:

Put chamois.ash in your /scripts directory. It is called by your mood
Trigger On: When an effect is gained
Check for: Coated in Slime
Command: call chamois.ash


It's not exactly the issue you refer to since it still doesn't know how many bladders have been squeezed, but the bug is related. Since both problems involve healing after using a chamois. This specific fix was to consider after using a chamois that even though you have no slime, your HP might be so low that ordinary monster attacks might kill you by themselves.

The fix ensures that all the +ML you're using is considered as a source of damage for the coming round, but not any bladders. Of course your personal ML is probably a lot bigger than a bladder or two so this is much more important, but I was hung up on your description of bladder squeezes and didn't see the whole issue.

Fortunately Shao Mi explained the problem more clearly on the HCO forum and I got it after seeing his post there.
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Hi. Since I'm new to KoLMafia and scripting, would someone please explain to me what makes this script different from Alhifar's 'Get Slimy'? Are there just subtle differences for performing what is essentially the same task ask or I am missing something glaringly obvious?

I'm not asking which is 'better' - just for someone to please explain to a n00b exactly how they're different. :D


This script ONLY removes Coated in Slime at the point where it would kill you. My script will almost fully automate a speed run, including switching outfits and familiars.


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No "almost" about it. Alhifar's slime.ash allows this:

- You can do a "slow and cheap" 2-nodule run, getting a single chamois at a time and using it when needed.
- You can do a "fast with tatters" 2-nodule run.
- You can even do a Slimeling run.

I've done all of those. It takes a little effort to set up your moods and outfits, but onece you've done that, it's painless.

Now, before I had my first nodules and was just doing slow and lazy runs to learn the ropes in the slime tube, I used Bale's script, right here - and it was perfect for what I wanted and needed at that time.

I'm now done with the slime tube and am going back ascending - thanks to both scripts.



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Ah, right - clearly I wasn't paying attention. I'm sick at the moment, lets put it down to that xD

Thanks for clarifying.


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Freaking love it.

I am working on adding a feature to change to a +0 ML outfit after using a chamoix and then change back to a +ML outfit after the adventure where you get covered in slime.


I love this!! Thanks. Tho..I really don't know how to set up the moods..
Are you saying that you weren't able to follow the instructions in the first post, or are you saying that you don't know how to make other use of moods? If the later, here's an example:

I suppose the moral of that image is that Disco Power Nap is awesome.
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