CanAdv -- check whether you can adventure at a given location


It's currently just checking that the questL11Desert property is started. When is it correctly available in Exploathing?
It appears after you spend 1 adv in desert
although... doesn't it do the same in non exploathing runs? it could be that in non exploathing runs the quest tracker shows different values? I will try looking further into this
While updating my own equipment handling script, I had a look through canadv to see if I missed any required equips for entering places. Of course I did, but I also noticed a couple of things that canAdv seems to be missing:
8-bit realm requires the continuum transfunctioner,
the pirate zones can't be accessed while the war is in progress,
and the spring break party yacht uses "the sea" as a zonecheck, which includes a whole bunch of class checks, a level check (and I don't think it needs either) but no (familiar)breathing check.
edit: piraterealm doesn't check for the piraterealm eyepatch, and ideally should check if your buffed stats exceed the cap.
the mer-kin elementary and gymnasium can also be entered with either of the path specific outfits
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Thanks for the report.

  • I believe the transfunctioner was a deliberate omission given mafia has special handling to equip (and possibly acquire??) it when you go to adventure there, but we could add that in.
  • The pirate zones already check the Islewar status in the zone check.
  • Good catch on the yacht. We should be using not_blind() there rather than the Sea zone check. Same for The Ice Hole, which appears to lack any underwater checking at all.
  • PirateRealm, Mer-kin outfits: Yes. Will have to add that stuff. Mer-kin outfits are kinda edgy but greater accuracy is always good.


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r110 fixes that as well as makes several other changes I'd evidently not pushed out into the world yet:

  • The Beanstalk is inaccessible in Goo.
  • Added the aforementioned underwater check for the Ice Hole.
  • Use the aforementioned underwater check for the Sunken Party Yacht rather than the aforementioned Sea check.
  • The not-as-aforementioned Itznotyerzitz Mine is available to mine in Fistcore with the appropriate effect rather than the outfit.
  • I evidently ran into some trouble using white_citadel_available() to check if the White Citadel is available, because I switched to checking the relevant quest property instead.


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CanAdv currently incorrectly returns true for the Upper Chambers in CS aftercore. It appears to check
return itemcheck($item[2325]) || (my_path() != "Actually Ed the Undying" && qprop("questL13Final"))
. Checking questL11Pyramid instead may be simpler, and should resolve the issue.