autoscend - a sl_ascend fork/continuation


I tried running Autoascend using the AoSP path and it worked pretty well. I was a bit paranoid and did some stuff on my own to make sure I got to use Throw Party and Incite Riot each day. How are these skills supported/used if I leave it up to the script? After defeating the Avatar of Jarlsberg, it went ahead and freed King Ralph. Is there a way to prevent than and let me continue as AoSP, say for the level 30 trophy? Where is the best place to discuss this script?

I'm planning on doing several more AoSP runs and could use some help in understanding/using/controlling the script. I have some fairly basic, perhaps out of date, progamming skills and would be willing to make and share some changes for this path, if there is any interest or demand. But my so far limited study indicates this may be out of my league. Is there any documentation for the design and/or structure.

Thanks for making it available. I was impressed by how well it did, but it did seem to get hung up a couple of times. Seemed to have trouble finishing the Copperhead quest and the Palindome bits.

For the record, I'm using the beta version. Had errors with the standard (?) release.


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I can't answer the other questions but there is a relay script, that is installed as part of autoscend, that assists with twiddling various options: one of those options is whether to break the prism.


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You might have better luck with getting answers to your questions on the Discord channel devoted to the script. Check the Github repository for directions to the Discord channel.