Allow changing equipment in a mood


I want to be able to change the equipment I'm actually wearing in my mood. I've tried it directly and I've tried it in a script, with the 'allow equipment changing when casting buffs' checked and unchecked. Is there something I'm missing to allow this? or is this just a new feature? (specifically, I want to have it do things like check my last fight, change to the correct equipment for the sea battle, and other things like, when I've gotten all the carrots the snowsuit can drop, change to something else...)



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Use a Before Adventure Script to make sure you are equipped for the sea, and an After Adventure Script to do things when you are done with your snowsuit.


here is an example, I put this in my mood as an unconditional trigger, to make sure I have the best equipment I could based on my last maximizer:
ashq maximize(split_string(get_property("maximizerMRUList"),";")[0],false);

in the cli:
You acquire an effect: Wisdom of Thoth (10)
Wisdom of Thoth was successfully cast.
12 combinations checked, best score 5,245.00
Putting on Knob Goblin harem pants...
Equipment changed.
Putting on continuum transfunctioner...
Equipment changed.
Taking off Knob Goblin harem pants...
Equipment changed.
Taking off continuum transfunctioner...
Equipment changed.

[40] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 4)
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That's not what Veracity told you to do in post 2... she said to use a BBS for setting pre-adventure requirements, and an AAS for setting post-battle equipment changes...


OK, I misunderstood, since I had tried switching my snowsuit in the after script it switched back, (I think Veracity meant to switch the snowsuit to something other than carrot, I meant to switch to my maypole)

I just created a preAdventureScript, and it does my equipment changing.

Thank you!
I occasionally put gear changes into moods for convenience (like I have a hobopolis sewer one that acquires and equips a gatorskin umbrella if its consumed).

I get round the equipment revert by adding
cli_execute("checkpoint clear")
after the equipment change. That could potentially cause unwanted behaviour if mafia did any other pre-adventure equipment changes, but its worked fine for my purposes.