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Thread: TheSea.ash - Automated Underwater Quests

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    Default TheSea.ash - Automated Underwater Quests

    TheSea.ash 1.6.3 - Automated Underwater Quests

    TheSea.ash requires ZLib and a recent Mafia .jar build

    This script is now only updated through:
    svn checkout

    This script can automatically:
    • Adventure to unlock [currently] all 5 monkees.
    • Adventure to get you to the hatred outfit boss.
    • Adventure to get you to the violence outfit boss.
    • Chat with Grandpa about all [known] chat topics.
    • Get Das Boot or other rewards from the Old Man.
    • Unlock and complete the Skate quest.
    • Get a sushi mat and install it in your campground.
    • Get an aerated diving helmet.

    The script will of course spend adventures. If you tell it to, it will spend a moderate amount of meat to buy items, temporarily overriding your autoBuyPriceLimit.

    To make it work:
    • Download TheSea.ash and zlib.ash to Mafia's /scripts folder
    • There are a few zlib variables* you can setup:
      - seafloor_bootQuest
      - seafloor_monkeeQuest
      - seafloor_outfitQuest
      - seafloor_skateQuest
      - seafloor_automateGladiators
      - seafloor_buyBoot
      - seafloor_buySkateMap
      - seafloor_buySkateBoard
      - seafloor_closetMeat
      - seafloor_faxNeptune
      - seafloor_getHelmet
      - seafloor_getSushiMat
      - seafloor_maximizeString
      - seafloor_outfit
      - seafloor_unlockTrophyfish
    • There are a few zlib variables* you should not need to setup:
      - seafloor_grandpaChat
      - seafloor_monkeeAscension
      - seafloor_monkeeStep
    • Surviving combats is your responsibility. In the earlier quests, the only part where you need to actually WIN the combat is for getting the Wiggling Flytrap Pellet at the beginning. The other quest steps are all non-combats, or the items needed can be bought from the mall. For the Outfit quests, you do need to actually win... against the bosses, at least.
    • Breathing underwater is your responsibility as well. Because this can be accomplished through effects or equipment, hard-coding it guarantees that people will be frustrated. Anyone can equip the makeshift SCUBA as it's a quest item received when you actually unlock the zone, but that is the option with the most penalties to item drop.
    • Launch the script by typing call TheSea.ash in the gCLI.

    *You can configure the variables above by typing zlib settingname = value in the gCLI. The script will either use the zlib setting if it has been set, or the setting you had on when you launched the script.
    • bootQuest is a 0-6 option for if you want to get Das Boot and if so, which reward. It defaults to 0, skipping the boot.
    • monkeeQuest is a 0-5 option for how many of the Sea Monkee family you would like it to rescue automatically. It defaults to rescuing all 5.
    • outfitQuest is a 0-3 option for what you'd like to do with the Outfit quest. It defaults to skipping, and only works if you rescue at least Grandma.
    • skateQuest is a 0-4 option for what you'd like to do with the Skate quest. It defaults to skipping.
    • automateGladiators is a T/F for if you want the script to learn the counters and fight the gladiators automatically, buffing stats to survive the fights. It defaults to true.
    • buyBoot is a T/F for if you want to buy the 100 sand dollars for Das Boot. It defaults to false, adventuring instead.
    • buySkateMap is a T/F for if you want to buy the 25 sand dollars for the Skate Park map. It defaults to false, adventuring instead.
    • buySkateBoard is a T/F for if you want to buy the skate board from the mall. It defaults to false, adventuring instead.
    • closetMeat is for how much meat you would like to keep out of the closet. It defaults to -1, keeping all meat available. If you abort the script during combat, meat will stay in your closet, otherwise it should retrieve it when done.
    • faxNeptune is a T/F for if you want to use faxbot to speed up getting the wriggling flytrap pellet from neptune flytraps. It defaults to false, because this requires access to a fax machine and a VIP key.
    • getHelmet is a 0-3 option for turning a rusty diving helmet into an aerated diving helmet with a bubblin' stone. It defaults to 0, skipping the helmet.
    • getSushiMat is a 0-2 for if you want to buy the 100 sand dollars for a sushi mat. It defaults to 0, skipping. If you set it to buy or adventure, it will install the mat automatically if you acquire the 100 sand dollars.
    • maximizeString and outfit are mutually exclusive. If maximizeString is set, it will be used, otherwise the script will check outfit. If neither is set, it assumes you have equipped what you want to before running the script. The maximizeString will be set into the maximizer, the outfit will be sent into the outfit command, so if you would like to combine a portion of an outfit with modifications, you'll probably want to use maximizeString with +outfit. Do remember that you cannot combine the keywords of outfit and equip in the maximizer, so if you attempt to combine them such as "outfit groovelord, equip aerated" mafia will decide on one or the other instead of accomplishing both.
    • unlockTrophyfish tells the script that you want to unlock the Trophyfish by chatting to Grandpa about it. If you set this to true, the script will automatically turn it off again after you chat to Grandpa and unlock the encounter, to reduce server hits.
    • monkeeAscension lets the script know when it's time to reset monkeeStep, how far you are through the current series of rescuings. If you have a problem, reset monkeeAscension to 0 or -1 and it should start over.

    If you just want to run, equip your makeshift SCUBA, max out muscle or moxie with an appropriate weapon, make sure your familiar can breathe underwater, and run call TheSea.ash.

    If you encounter any problem, please post your issues. To help with debugging, you should run the script and copy the gCLI log so I can see what it said it broke. Eventually, there will probably be vprinting for the people who want more spam/debugging information.


    2013.06.17 - 1.6.3 - New updates come through SVN. Left 1.6.2 attached for people who refuse to use mafia daily builds.
    2013.06.13 - 1.6.2 - Sanity checking for people who manually do part of the quest first or who abort at JUST the wrong time.
    2013.06.09 - 1.6.1 - Don't try to use our one daily fax 15 times.
    2013.06.08 - 1.6 - Added prepHatred() function which was the former unreachable. Avoided the Grandma autostop using a single adventure while-loop.
    2013.06.03 - 1.5.1 - Attempting to fix the aborting after taming the seahorse by removing the re-initialization of otherquests.
    2013.06.03 - 1.5 - There is an A version of the corral as well. The prices for the sushi mat and damp boot went to 50 sand dollars.
    2013.05.30 - 1.4.2 - Set choice adventures in the elementary. Heal while we're trying to tame the seahorse, don't just hope we survive.
    2013.05.30 - 1.4.1 - Validate that we've gotten both pieces for the scholar outfit before we craft it.
    2013.05.30 - 1.4 - Trying to avoid the abort on finding Grandma with try/finally. Initial support for outfitQuest 2. Unreachable code is there on purpose for later.
    2013.05.28 - 1.3.2 - The repeating rewards for the Old Guy were reversed. Same numbers kept, but reward picker fixed.
    2013.05.21 - 1.3.1 - The proper case for zlib is lowercase, which matters for case sensitive operating systems.
    2013.05.21 - 1.3 - Fixed the boot rewards, as they'd been broken when we got a choice.
    2013.05.19 - 1.2.2 - Using (!create()) for the Skate Park map so it doesn't abort.
    2013.05.19 - 1.2.1 - Using create() to buy the items from coinmasters rather than visit_url() for better mafia processing.
    2013.05.18 - 1.2 - Added unlocking Mom.
    2013.05.17 - 1.1 - Fixed script to not incorrectly increment progress when you run out of turns.
    2012.03.12 - 1.0 - Added buying/installing sushi mats and buying/adventuring/faxing an aerated diving helmet.
    Unreleased - 0.9.1 - Fixed chatting to only happen once per new set of Grandpa phrases discovered.
    2012.01.10 - 0.9 - Added faxing the Neptune Flytrap for the wriggling flytrap pellet.
    2012.01.08 - 0.8.1 - Fixed a bug with the check for meat closetting. Also checking inebriety now.
    2012.01.06 - v0.8 - Added opt-in for buying sand dollars and skate board instead of using obtain.
    2012.01.03 - v0.6 - Initial public release.
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    My current plan is this:
    We [...] release v1.0 and have it be fairly solid.

    Added: At some point, I turn the print() bits into vprint() bits, but that's a someday when I'm really bored and/or there's new content sort of thing.
    Originally Posted by Theraze View Post
    1-8 are now done. Also, went back to the original post and noticed that there was the closet meat and outfit request... added. Also added TS_ prefix to all of the global values, so it should conflict less if imported with other scripts.

    Faxing has been tested, so now we're done. If any bugs are found or more undersea content is found, we'll update. Otherwise... this script is wrapped up. Except for turning prints to vprints, but... eh, maybe someday.

    Edit: I'll remove entries above as they're completed. This posting will retain my current "goals" list.
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    New Version of TheSea.ash Available: v0.6
    Upgrade from 0.6 to v0.6 here!

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    Heh. There we go...
    Checking for updates (running TheSea.ash ver. v0.6)...
    Running TheSea.ash version: v0.6 (current)
    Auspicious beginning.

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    looking forward to checking this out tomorrow. i hate dealing with the sea, so if this makes it easier then woohoo!!

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    New version. This one doesn't use obtain for anything that actually can cost meat, so it should be safer if you feel like being miserly. Or if you actually wanted it to buy, but had autoSatisfy turned off. If it ends up calling the getsome(int, item) function, it will temporarily override the Mall and NPC setting, since you've already told the script that you really do want it to go buy the item. This allows you to control whether or not you'd like it to buy, but still lets us save meat when 1.0 gets released and jason's awesome code makes retrieve_item build the aerated helmet from mall-parts instead of buying one fully constructed.

    Edit: If nobody comes up with problems by Tuesday, I'll spin v0.9 with faxing support. I'm not sure if it works completely right, since I don't fax, but... the parts I borrowed from afterbore and BCA seem to validate properly and be workable. Also planning on supporting faxing for the aerated helmet, but that's a part of 1.0 or later, when I know that my fax-core is working.
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    Added a check for being overdrunk when you run the script, so that it doesn't believe that those were successful adventure attempts. Also fixed a bug where, when the amount of meat to closet was set to 0, it would closet all of your meat, leaving 0 outside the closet. Since some people may want to do that, set -1 as the new "don't closet" and fixed it to actually *gasps* work. Note that this does mean that if you were using v0.8 and if you don't want all of your meat to be closetted, you'll need to change the variable...

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    Version 0.9 has been spun now, and will remain up until either a bug is reported or someone validates that faxing the neptune flytrap works.

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    As I said above, this is still a work in progress.1-6 are now done. Also, went back to the original post and noticed that there was the closet meat and outfit request... added. Also added TS_ prefix to all of the global values, so it should conflict less if imported with other scripts.

    Faxing needs testing from someone who uses that, then 7 will be done and I can move on to the steps in 8.

    Edit: I'll remove entries above as they're completed. This posting will retain my current "goals" list.
    Originally Posted by Theraze View Post
    I'm really, really wondering what steps 1-6 were. Would you mind posting them, so we can see what has been done, please?

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    They are posted, if you click on the quote-arrow in the first post it will take you to the original post which has all 8 listed.
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    Scripts maintained by me:

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