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Thread: Character Info Toolbox

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    Maybe you were uploading? I was updating right before I posted, but ChIT was still b0rked...maybe the old version hadn't finished deleting, or the new one hadn't finished downloading? Looks fine now, though, was just coming to edit that in, in fact.

    Edit: And the guide me link shows up all nice and purdy, too! Thanks so much!!
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    Good! Glad you got it sorted.

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    I believe the latest fix to deal with the birdwatching iotm broke older skills that have an apostrophe in their name. Trying to cast additional turns of a skill's effect with the arrows next to it results in

    > cast 1 Fat Leon27s Phat Loot Lyric
    Could not find a known, usable skill of yours uniquely matching "1 Fat Leon27s Phat Loot Lyric"

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