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Thread: Character Info Toolbox

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    Default Character Info Toolbox

    Character Info Toolbox

    CHIT is a charpane relay override that allows you to customize the layout and content displayed in your character pane. It also adds some extra functionality, like the ability to quickly change your familiar equipment. And progress bars. Lots and lots of progress bars. And cute little icons.

    The script itself contains detailed instructions for setting up and customizing your charpane, so take a couple of minutes, read it, and play around.

    CHIT does not currently support compact charpanes.

    You will need the latest version of zlib, and a recent mafia daily build for everything to work.

    Once you've downloaded the zip file in the following post, extract all the files to the following folders in your mafia directory:
    • charpane.ash: /relay
    • chit.js: /relay
    • chit.css: /relay
    • chit_effects.txt: /data
    • images: /images/relayimages/chit/

    Note that the directory structure in the zip file is the same as this, so if you feel confident you can simply extract it to your mafia directory and let everything unzip into the proper places.

    This is my first serious attempt at an ash script, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    2011/08/15 - Version 0.1 Initial Release
    2011/08/16 - Version 0.2 Fixed bug with Kung-Fu Hustler (and probably other) intrinsic effects. Enabled daily version checking.
    2011/08/19 - Version 0.3 Fixed some parsing errors when in Valhalla. Added Ronin information with a link to Hagnk's. Recognize Way of the Fist paths correctly. MCD changer now checks if the Gnomads camp is available. Changed the order of organs in the consumption toolbar popup. Added the "elements" tool (Displays the Elements chart fom the wiki)
    Fixed a custom title parsing bug. Fixed some documentation errors. Added chit.stats.showbars preference. Added chit.effects.usermap preference

    2011/08/25 - Version 0.4 Fixed a typo in 0.3 that prevented the semirare helper from popping up. Added "updates" brick. Quests brick now recognizes the new "This quest tracker is a work in progress" message. Fixed various bugs related to moods, effects and intrinsics. Added a "Burn extra MP" toolbar icon. Made layout changes so that the charpane doesn't look horrible when updated via AJAX. Various other small code and styling tweaks
    2011/09/03 - Version 0.5 Fixed more documentation errors (update vs. updates, spelling mistakes). When no MCD is available (unascended characters), show only ML info. Add link to Hey Deze for characters in Bad Moon (untested)

    DOWNLOAD Instructions
    • ChIT will download and install itself (33 files in 3 directories) if you copy/paste the following line into the CLI (and then press enter):
      svn checkout
    • Once it is installed, to update or even just check for updates you can use the following command in the CLI:
      svn update
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Default latest version of this script

    Character Info Toolbox 0.8.5

    To install or update ChIT you need to use a daily build of mafia. ChIT will download and install itself (33+ files in 4 different directories) if you copy/paste the following line into the CLI
    svn checkout
    • After svn installation, to update ChIT (and other svn installed scripts), use the command:
      svn update

    • To delete ChIT, use the following command:
      svn delete mafiachit

    • If you want to temporarily disable ChIT (without uninstalling), then use the following command:
      zlib chit.disable = true

    Click for sample of what ChIT can look like.
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    Could you add a screenshot to that post? That's a lot of files to put in various folders, and the number of files makes it more daunting to go ahead and try it.

    Not that it matters in my case since I'm attached to my compact charpane.

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    Original post updated with screenshot. I've included 3 panels in the screenshot for comparison. The first is the vanilla kol charpane, the 2nd shows the override charpane with mostly default settings.

    The 3rd panel moves a lot of information to the toolbar, where it can be accessed by clicking on various icons. It also illustrates some other settings that can be applied, and is probably as close as you're going to get to a "compact" look.

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    Color me impressed.

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    Yeah... the addition of the screenshots moved this from "Meh, that looks like a lot of work" to the "but it might be worth it." area.

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    looks fantastic! looking forward to getting used to it. my gcli keeps printing out the following after everything i do though..

    The string "∞" is not an integer; returning 0 (charpane.ash, line 629)

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    I'll have a look at that error. Can you tell me which effects (specifically intrinsic effects) you have active when getting that message? And if the error goes away if you don't have any intrinsic effects?

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    my intrinsics are the 4 kung fu hustler skills, but i cant get rid of them because im doing a surprising fist run and cant equip any weapons

    edit: i know you have axel for the little girl in space, are you able to put something in for the crypt evil counter?
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    i know you have axel for the little girl in space, are you able to put something in for the crypt evil counter?
    Originally Posted by charred View Post
    Already built in. Should be displayed if you have quest nudges enabled.

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