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Thread: autoBasement.ash - Better basement automation

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    Hopefully should skip any closet or uncloset command now. Let me know if you run into any further problems!

    Need to throw the -tie eventually, but... eh.

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    Thanks! Will give it a try and confirm if it works

    EDIT: Hrmm... Getting the following error when trying to run the script from the scripts menu:

    > call scripts\autoBasement.ash
    Unknown variable 'command' (autoBasement.ash, line 427)
    Last edited by shoptroll; 02-05-2017 at 03:52 PM.

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    Update and see if that fixes it for you? Passes validation, but I don't have the basement unlocked currently, so...

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    Looks like that fixed it since I'm not seeing the error when I run the script now.

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    I'm having an interesting issue regarding my disembodied hand and my weapon.

    > call scripts\autoBasement.ash
    Basement level 128: Muscle Test
    Putting on outfit: Muscle
    Equipment changed.
    Putting Mr. Handy the Disembodied Hand back into terrarium...
    55333 combinations checked, best score 881.00
    117693 combinations checked, best score 932.00
    158472 combinations checked, best score 932.00
    Taking Mr. Handy the Disembodied Hand out of terrarium...
    Putting on porcelain police baton...
    That's not an item, or it's not something you own.
    The issue is that I have exactly one of them, and it's already in my mainhand. Looking at the maximizer set to "Muscle, switch Disembodied Hand, -tie", the familiar equipment line says "fail & equip familiar porcelain police baton", which implies that it knows it's not going to work.

    What can I do to work around this, aside from disabling the disembodied hand?

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    Make sure you have three of each 1-handed weapon.
    (doesn't help until you can, or if you can't)
    Or make sure you have better equipment (brimstone, hodgman stick/hamster).

    If you can get this to happen reliably with simple replicable instructions (equip this, this, this, that, use disembodied hand with nothing in it, maximize muscle with .... in inventory), post a new bug about maximizer behavior?

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    Does this script still need the custom named outfits or can it build the appropriate outfit?

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