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Thread: autoBasement.ash - Better basement automation

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    Variables for combat
    • autoBasement_combat_equipment: A comma-delimited list of items to equip when fighting, default is "navel ring of navel gazing". If you want to use more than one of an item list it twice, but make sure that you have the stated amount because the script will most likely fail otherwise. Items not in your possession will be ignored.
    • autoBasement_combat_stat: The stat to maximize when entering combat, default is Muscle
    • autoBasement_combat_maximizer_string: Additional string to maximize for when buliding the combat outfit. Useful if you want to add spell damage or similar, default is nothing
    Originally Posted by Winterbay View Post
    I am not sure why, but I can't get autoBasement_combat_maximizer_string and autoBasement_combat_equipment to work.
    It maximizes the combat stat fine, but it ignores the other two options. My settings are:
    zlib autoBasement_combat_equipment = mafia thumb ring, Garland of Greatness
    autoBasement_combat_stat = Mysticality
    autoBasement_combat_maximizer_string = spell dmg
    It just maximizes mysticality and ignores spell dmg and the 2 specified items.
    what am I doing wrong here? Actually would be great if it instead of all those 3 I could just write a fully custom maximizer string.
    such as:
    spell dmg, 0.4 mys, 0.2 mox, equip mafia thumb ring, equip Garland of Greatness
    I might end up changing the script to let one do so later. Although that might be complicated by the potion buffing needed...

    Also, sharing my CCS which I use for this script. (since it does not come with its own).
    I used it as pastamancer and sauceror to reach depth 500.
    [ bottles of beer on a golem ]
    skill curse of weaksauce
    skill micrometeorite
    while !pastround 13
        item New Age hurting crystal,New Age hurting crystal
    [ default ]
    skill curse of weaksauce
    skill micrometeorite
    while sealclubber && !pastround 10
        skill lunging thrust-smack
    while pastamancer && !pastround 10
        skill weapon of the pastalord
    while !pastround 10
        skill saucegeyser
    [ dimensional horror ]
    skill curse of weaksauce
    skill micrometeorite
    while !pastround 10
        skill saucegeyser
    [ ghost of fernswarthy ]
    skill curse of weaksauce
    skill micrometeorite
    while !pastround 10
        skill saucegeyser
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