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Thread: Cargo Shorts GUI

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    Default Cargo Shorts GUI

    First crack at a relay script, so hopefully this works for folks.

    svn checkout

    The UI itself is built with Preact, which is not something I've seen before in a relay script. Feel free to steal the skeleton if you want. It makes the actual UI code much easier to write.

    Feel free to report bugs here or on Github.

    Thanks to Ezandora for the choice override library.

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    Wow...that's a lot of files for a relay override...but it's sure beautiful. Also, thanks for the chess piece wasn't shown in the screenshot so I wasn't expecting it to be there. Well done & thanks!

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    This seems great. However I tried it and something weird is going on where it was trying to take me to Madame Zatara every time I tried to press an option, select a pocket after manually typing it in or picking the pocket from the list of pocket buttons. I had to uninstall the script to let me use the pants again. Idk if it was just something with that pocket (I was going for filthworm scent) or if it was just something weird with my mafia going on. I'll test it again tomorrow to see if happens again.

    Edit: It worked fine when I grabbed a chess piece so I'm not sure what was up before.
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    Works great for me

    Idea: Show quantity in inventory/storage for chess pieces

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    The script is not displaying the frost-rimed desk bell in pocket 587.

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