Relay override and automation script for the Bastille IOTM. Collects rewards, but does not attempt to leaderboard.

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CLI Usage:
bastille [game configuration] - plays through a single game of bastille and collects the rewards. Will not lock in your score.

Configuration options:
muscle - Chooses all three muscle options.
myst - Chooses all three myst options.
moxie - Chooses all three moxie options.

barbecue or babar or barbershop - Choose barbarian type.
brutalist or draftsman or nouveau - Choose bridge type.
cannon or catapult or gesture - Choose hole type.
sharks or lava or truth - Choose moat type.

Example commands:
"bastille muscle" will collect the brutal brogues, muscle effect, muscle statgain, and a random potion.
"bastille myst gesture" will collect the draftsman's driving gloves, mysticality statgain, the moxie effect, and a random potion.
"bastille bbq art sharks cannon" will collect myst stats, the nouveau nosering, sharkfin gumbo, and the Bastille Budgeteer effect.


Bastille will require a recent daily build of mafia.

Contact me in-game: Ezandora (#1557284)